Web Hosting Options in UAE for Ecommerce Websites

Every website need web host to optimize its functionality. A proper webhosting can get lots of traffic and global customers to the website. The main aim of web host is to run servers. Many multinational companies also need web host to connect with internet permanently for sending important mails, files etc. in such case the companies use their computers as a host and they need to show their products to their customers. You can get several types of webhosting according to your Ecommerce Website Development in Dubai demand.

Free Webhosting: Different companies offer this service. You can get limited numbers of applications and facilities by this service. You can some advertisement for your website also. But these services are very limited when compared to the paid ones.

Shared Webhosting: You can place your website in a server where many other sites are using this server too. This is called shared webhosting. In a server many thousands of websites can be placed together. A universal pool is used by all these domains. You can get some widespread features from this type of service. Reseller sometimes helps to host a shared server.

Reseller Webhosting: By this service the clients can be their own web host. According to the affiliation of reseller, it can be worked for separate domains with many different combinations. The account size of this service can be varied very much. A reseller can have their own dedicated server but this server must be a virtual server only. Some resellers can provide hosting plans like a shared hosting service. They will provide themselves technical support too.

Virtual dedicated webhosting: Another name of this service is Virtual Private Server or VPS. It can divide a single resource into several virtual resources for each website. In this case the underlying hardware of the main resource will not get affected. This process is beneficial for several reasons. By applying this technique the VPS container can be moved under the servers. Each user can access the root of their virtual server. They also can maintain their own server.

Dedicated webhosting: It is a quite expensive service as in this case the user can get the full authority to the server. They gain their server and they can control it completely according to their wish. Typically the user does not have the authority though. Self managed is another kind of dedicated web hosting. It is generally less expensive. Here the clients have to check the security of server by themselves.

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