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Reliable and Convenient Ways to Approach the Best Email Hosting Company Dubai

Why Email Hosting Company Dubai?

Dubai, UAE has become a business hub for the Middle East, Asian and Western countries. There are hundreds of international businesses and companies in Dubai that have been using local servers to stay connected rest of the world as well as markets. In the current, the most companies seek for the best and most reliable Email Hosting Company Dubai. Actually, email hosting service is the one that makes your business transactions fully secure and free from any cyber attack. All the companies have the most important and sensitive data in their email inboxes. If they are using ordinary and free email services, their confidential will be at big risk. Personal and private email hosting service will never let unknown people, users and hackers to access your sensitive emails.

Different Options to Hire the Best Company:

Whenever you need the private hosting as well as email service for your companies, you can use two different sources to hire the best company. Basically, it is a bit compulsory thing for you to estimate your needs and requirements before to buy Email Hosting Dubai, you will get more benefits. Further, you will have two ways to hire a company for email hosting; formal and online market. Basically, it requires more time and cost to find an email hosting service provider via traditional way. But, if you select a company for email hosting service by online search, it will save your money and time.

Enlist Many & Choose Only One:

You need some tactics and rational directions regarding how to hire the best Email Hosting Company Dubai. Initially, if you get confused by viewing a number of email hosting service providers, you must keep your search narrow and enlist only industry leading companies. This will help you to select the best out of the best firms. In next, you are required to compare all selected and enlisted email hosting companies in Dubai, UAE. The detailed comparison will support you to identify and select the most suitable hosting company at competitive rates.

Factors to be Considered:

On the other side, there are plenty of integral factors which you must preview and confirm prior to buy the email hosting service from any Dubai-based company. The email hosting service you are willing to buy should have business email features like;

  • 100% uptime and satisfaction guaranteed
  • Easy access and control
  • Mobile friendly, webmail and Outlook
  • Mailboxes space up to 25 GB
  • Email archiving feature
  • Countless forwarding, aliases, and group lists
  • Spam and virus protection
  • Completely secure and private
  • Private email address
  • Easy and convenient to use etc.

Additional Qualities You Need:

In next, there are also some additional features and factors of Email Hosting Dubai which you should give more preference. In general, when you are going to buy the email hosting service for your company, you should confirm the features given above. This is also compulsory for you to make sure 24/7 hours customer support, easy contact & quick responding options and sufficient email hosting experience.

A Guide to Cloud Hosting – Types of Cloud to Understand

A cloud could be of three types as:

Public cloud: Public cloud offers services to those who are present or connected with internet. General people get their required services from the service providers. Another important aspect of this service is that, it could be obtainable via pay per use form or it could be obtained for free.

Private cloud: Private cloud generally offers either to any special companies or to some limited important persons. Another aspect of private cloud is that, the cloud has to be managed by the users only. This is a big drawback of private computing.

Hybrid cloud: by its name we can guess the nature of this cloud technique. Hybrid cloud is a composition of two clouds (public cloud & private cloud). In this process, the objects which are to be combined remains unchanged but when they get bound with each other they provide a huge amount of benefits. A big drawback of hybrid cloud is that it is not flexible. Hybrid cloud also lacks of security. Hybrid cloud provides fault benevolence for in house applications.

Categories of cloud computing

Cloud computing is alienated into three major sectors:

SaaS: In this cloud model the cloud users can access the installed application software from the cloud client. SaaS is the acronym of Software as a Service.

PaaS: Also known as Platform as a Service, this is the model of cloud in which the apps are developed.

IaaS: This is the model in which service provider owns the apparatus, this is also responsible for maintaining, hosting of services. Full form of IaaS is Infrastructure as a Service.

Web Hosting Dubai – Seamless Support and Service Packages for Clients

When it comes to web hosting services, Dubai based companies or services are getting popular amongst the buyers or service seekers. Probably the reason is cost-effectiveness and of course the level of professionalism or customer support. UAE based services are enthusiastic and dedicated towards their clients. They always look to serve them ace quality services with precision.
Different website hosting option in UAE:
All sorts of professional hosting services are generally catered by a good service provider. Here are the hosting options:

  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS – Virtual Private Servers
  • Email Hosting

The last option Email Hosting is not for hosting website, but for hosting your web based data. If you need a secure email platform, which is completely protected and fully personalized, then you can opt for email hosting Dubai or Abu Dhabi services.

Top Business Apps for Android in Last Year

Mobile applications have become part of our life in these days. In all aspects of life, applications are there to assist us. If you have to wake up early, simply download an alarm and set the time. It will make your wakeup in the morning for sure. Due to these applications, mobile devices (Smartphone and Tablets) have almost replaced the desktops and laptops. In 2013, we have seen that apps are not just for fun, as they can serve your business purposes as well. Here in this article we will look on a list of business applications that clinched the most appreciations and won the highest popularity in 2013:

  1. Adobe Reader – When it comes to business apps, Adobe Reader will continue to be at the top for at least next few years. It is basically a free application for the Android and Windows users, which allows you to open PDF formatted books, brochures or files. Adobe Reader is highly appreciated as it is safe, secure, easy to use and free yet completely professional tool.


  1. Boomerang – When it comes to business, handling emails is a basic task. Boomerang is one of the most powerful tools for email management. It features loads of unique email management options for the users, starting from snoozing email, scheduling replies, tracking responses, etc. Overall it can be defined as the perfect tool to manage emails!


  1. Jiffy – Time Tracker: Schedule your projects now via using this application. It helps you to track your project deadlines and will provide you constant reminders. Truly an amazing tool!

UAE to start a big leap in satellite technology

The UAE is determined to diversify its economy to an optimal level. The recent economic boom in UAE has ignited the rays of hopes for the country. Though, the technology industry is making swift progress, reinforcements are required to provide a profound base to the present economic foundation.

An important step in this direction was achieved when His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minster of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced that the UAE will build its first locally-made satellite at the Emirates Institute for Advanced Science and Technology (Eiast).

This step can be marked as a significant development in the communication sector of the country. In past, UAE indulged in satellite building program with a Korean company, namely Satrec to develop DubaiSat1 and DubaiSat2. The new KhalifaSat will be produced by the local manufacturers from UAE. The intent is making the country self-sufficient in its communication sector and to make the communication within the nation robust. KhalifaSat has been anticipated to be launched by the year of 2017.

Shaikh Mohammad pointed out that this shows how Arabs are moving into the space era, which is neither out of reach nor impossible to achieve. He welcomed sharing the UAE initiative with all Arab countries with interest in space technology and engineering.

Satellite technology as well as the aerospace industry are the sectors which need more investments and the administrators are keen to back such sectors with long term development investments.

Remarkable achievement by UAE in 2013

Without having any doubts, it can be stated that UAE has done well in its technology sector in the year of 2013. In fact, experts have claimed that this year is a milestone for the UAE in its communication technology sector.

The country has recorded the highest increase in ranking among 157 economies worldwide, shooting up 12 places to 33rd in the ICT Development Index 2012. The MIS 2013 shows that the UAE is well above the global average in terms of mobile-cellular subscriptions, the proportion of individuals using the internet, and the proportion of households with internet access.

The overall development in UAE in terms of technology is a good sign of future progress of the country in its communication field. As the communication technologies are getting seamless, new business avenues are opening up. One of the best business fields in UAE right now is online trading. With plenty of service seekers and with plenty of service providers, the market has become quite enriched.

For this reason, UAE has become a hub for different online services for the people throughout the world. Seamless services and lower cost assurance are the biggest positive factors that have been influencing the UAE tech and service sector in recent time. The saga of success will continue in the year of 2014 also, as predicted by the market observers and experts.

Tablets to take center stage in UAE in the year of 2014

Rapid shifts to mobility, especially to the tablets, are a prominent trend of UAE tech market in the year of 2013. Consumers are adopting the tablets with a faster pace as these portable computers have become a stage for unlimited online interactivities.

In this segment, the local brands from UAE, like Touchmate, Eurostar and Eklasse, have done terrific business, clinching the trust and appreciations of the buyers with their seamless products.

It has to be noted that tablets with smaller screen size has observed growing demand in comparison to the tablets with bigger screen sizes. Low cost tablets, outfitted with the Android OS, have seen most of the appreciations.

On the other hand, smartphone sales have also witnessed high market demand in UAE. Devices from Samsung clinched the most number of the buyers, while both HTC and Sony have done well to grab a lot of buyers for their latest smartphone items.

Although, Blackberry has not done quite well in rest of the world, scenario is different UAE as Blackberry has done well in comparison to its business situation in other parts of the world. This year Blackberry has come up with a few new launches and all of them have been appreciated by the buyers of Middle East, especially UAE.

On the other hand, the leading gadget vendor, Apple has also reportedly done well in UAE. However, due to the high prices, Apple has been observed to be confined with the limited number of elite buyers.

As per the predictions of the experts, UAE has done well in terms of mobile gadget business in the year of 2013. The region will also do well in future, including the tablet sales have high potential.

PS4 launches in Dubai in style

Good news for the game freaks and tech-savvies in Dubai, UAE, PS4 has just launched a day earlier and it is ready to take the Dubai tech world into a complete joy ride.

The official launch of PS4 in Dubai will now end the long wait as well as plenty of rumors amongst the tech-savvies. It was anticipated much earlier in Gulf region though due to some reasons, it could not make out its launch at the stipulated time. However, the delayed launch of the device will not affect the craze for this device, as hoped by the maker.

Initially the brand is keen to immerse in the key locations of the city of Dubai, like Dubai internet city, Knowledge village, Dubai Media City, etc.

The PlayStation 4 Urban Light Art Projection event will be held in the city soon and in that very event, local graffiti artists Steffi Bow and Sya One will participate. Such digital projection event has been reported as for the first time to be held in Dubai as well as in Middle East.

General Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment in Middle East, Africa, Turkey, and India, Robert Fisser has stated that finally the PS4 is here for the users. He mentioned this launching event as an incredibly exciting time for the city of Dubai.

Play Station 4 is an exciting gaming platform, offering realistic gaming experience to the users. It is surely a much modified version than PS3 and thus offering more fun stuffs as well as seamless gaming support.