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Customized Ecommerce Website Designing Services in Dubai

Now this is really a downtime in economy is going on so many businessmen are looking for different methods to promote their business and advertise their products and services to the customers to grow their revenues in this tough market. In this situation making a website can be a very good idea. If you want to get millions of potential customers from all over the world then making a website could be the best idea for that. But, for that, you need expertise eCommerce solutions developer in Dubai.

It really will be a good start to increase the exposure to your business. If your company in present is in not a good condition and right now you cannot spend the hundreds or thousands of dollars to have a custom website then you can just for now get some templates to get a cheap but proper website for your business. You can get many templates online. If you are looking for cheaper solution then you can get some free templates also sometimes.

But you need to know that these templates as they are free or very cheap cost, these are used by many more websites previously so your website will not get any competitive edge if you are using these templates to make your website built. Your website will not have any unique branding in it using those templates. So you cannot get enough of customers in fact you can loose your existing customers too after some days. You need to make sure that the website you are building should be able to focus on your brand name. You need to make sure that your website can uniquely define your business but with these free templates you never can do that.

So you need to find out now with spending little more money how can you get your business a well improved and unique website. As there are many solutions are available in the market you can get many ideas also to get a custom designed website at a reasonable price. In fact if you do enough of research you might find some ways also to get a really great custom website for your business for a very low-cost or absolutely free and which will be much better than the website made with free templates. An ecommerce website of yours in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be uniquely yours you can make sure that in that case.

Multiple Payment Gateways for Increased Ecommerce Sales

Other than accepting credit from customers to pay for the products they are buying from your website you should also provide other payment options too. Cash on delivery type of option will be very good as an alternative. Actually some people do not want to use their credit cards online or some teenage girls do not have credit cards. So for them the cash on delivery payment option will be perfectly suitable. For multiple payment gateway integration, you need a reliable and expertise UAE ecommerce website designing agency.

Other than this you can offer many other kinds of payment options too. Accepting PayPal payment is also a good option of payment, you can also accept through your website debit cards, digital cash or online checks. Those who are still now doubtful about ordering online for them you can take some measures too. You can give a fax or phone number for them as an option to ordering online. The aim of yours must be provide ample of choices to the customers to meet their all requirements.

It will increase your sell of course. You need to make sure all customers that buying from your site will be completely safe for them and they will get the best products at cheapest price from your site.

Features of an ecommerce solution:

Now if you are thinking to get an ecommerce solution and wondering which will be the best ecommerce solution for yours then this is the thing that needs to decide on your own preference. But here you can get some suggestions. Here is a list of features that you look for in any ecommerce solution you can choose in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

  • You need to make sure that the ecommerce solution you are choosing will be absolutely secure for your website.
  • You need to compare cost too. You always try to the best at cheap rate. So compare the different ecommerce solution with their prices and features. But you need to remember that you should not price over quality.
  • People are busy now. They will not bother to check your website if it’s slows. So make sure that the ecommerce solution is fast enough. The speed of processing of the solution must be fast to make the customer happy with its service.
  • You should get ample of option provided by the ecommerce solution to the customers. Providing varieties of payment option is a very important feature. So you need to make sure that your ecommerce solution is able to do so.

To make your ecommerce business more effectual and reliable, you need end to end and cutting edge payment gateway integration services from expertise ecommerce development companies.

Global rise of ecommerce business – a positive sign for global economy

Ecommerce or online based business activities are on a steep rise in the present global economic scenario. People are getting accustomed with online buying and selling styles. It is convenient, and at the same time extremely beneficial. Several reputed ecommerce websites have appeared recently. For optimal ecommerce benefits, it is imperative to have a good website, with seamless payment gateway. This is why along with ecommerce growth, demand for ecommerce services is also rising. A seamless ecommerce platform must provide easy payment transaction process, meticulous product gallery and many other related features. All you need is choosing a professional ecommerce website builder.

Ecommerce Improvements in UAE – The Future Prospects

The present ecommerce market is getting more ’m-commerce’ oriented. M-Commerce means nothing but mobile device operated ecommerce. This is the era of smartphone and tablets and people are getting friendlier with such devices. For seamless ecommerce support, not only creating good website has been the necessity but also creating a mobile phone browser compatible web interface is important.

In the year of 2013, amidst several economic or financial struggles throughout the world, the ecommerce market has been able to show some amount of steady growth. Previously ecommerce market was mainly based on the US-market, but now things are rolling faster. Ecommerce has become a prominent field for investing throughout the world. Especially in Asia as well as in Middle East, ecommerce has high potential due to the high population in such areas.

UAE ecommerce market has shown steady leap in the year of 2013, whereas there are some drawbacks that are needed to be overcome at fast paced. The present drawback is unrest in a few areas like Syria, Egypt, etc. due to the political turmoil. However, the best part is that cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are continuing to hold their ace positions in the world for being tech-cities. Potential ecommerce sellers and buyers – both are available at a high quantity in UAE as well as in Middle East. This gives the new hope for the year of 2014, when things are anticipated to get better.

Tablets and Smartphone are giving swift ecommerce growth in UAE

Worldwide tech market has been undergone a new boom after the introduction of Smartphone and tablet computers. Dubai tech market is always considered as one of the leading tech markets of the world, having plenty of potentials. Thus, no wonder smartphone markers are eyeing to capture the Middle East market more and more by tenting their base point in the tech cities, like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.

Along with the tech market boom, another industry has been caught everyone’s attention in these days and that is the ecommerce market. After the introduction of smartphone devices and tablets, ecommerce activities have gained significantly. It is has been proven through many surveys that ecommerce development in recent few years in UAE is terrific.

Observing this swift growth in the ecommerce sector, small-medium businesses as well as ‘giant fishes’ or big brands are now emerging in the Dubai ecommerce market.

According to a recent survey, carried out by eMarketers, this year 15 percent of the online sales have been taken place through mobile devices. For the year of 2012, it was around 11 percent for UAE and for the forth coming years, predictions are really encouraging for those, who are willing to invest in Middle East ecommerce sector.

Easy accessing to the internet is the key here and smartphone along with tablets have truly made this easy. As one can browse or surf internet comprehensively through such devices, online selling or purchasing is becoming a common practice!