Professional Ecommerce Designing and Hosting Support in UAE

Web designing is basically concerned with the front end designing of the websites, but its scope is larger than just production. Web designing also includes standardized code and search engine optimization.

Components of web design

In order to create awesome websites, the perfect combination of creativity and technical expertise is very much needed. Ecommerce web designing UAE is not just creating some basic web pages for user navigation, but also adding interactivity to them for creating stunning effects.

There are four basic components of website production. These are look and feel, content, and functionality or interactivity and usability. While the functionality and usability is strictly concerned with web development, the look and feel design and the content writing fall under the practice of web designing.

The look and feel includes user interface design and color management. To achieve this, tools like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, graphics editing software etc are used. On the other hand, content writing is basically concerned with the descriptive content of the website which will be useful to the viewer. With these technologies, combined with the techniques of typography, the web designers create awesome looking and content rich websites.

Components of Web hosting

While web designing is concerned with the creation of the websites, web hosting services are concerned with publishing the website in the World Wide Web. Without being hosted, the websites cannot be viewed over the internet.

Generally web hosting Dubai companies allows their customer a domain or space in their server, for which they charge their customer. The charge depends on the space allowed in the server, the quality of service, and the time period for which the website will be active. There are many web hosting service companies which also allow search engine optimization for their hosted websites.

The scope of the web hosting companies varies in great range. When some websites can be personal and contain simple web pages and file based access, some websites can contain thousands of web pages and huge databases. To handle these websites, the web hosting companies also provide a control panel which provides easy and interactive user interface for administration.

Aside from hosting different websites, the web hosting companies can also run web servers. Many large organizations have one computer system always connected to the internet for accessing their own mail server and sending files. For such kind of tasks, the computer must run a web server in its own system.

Services provided by a web hosting company UAE

For web hosting service Linux is the most popular operating system of all. This OS is widely considered as it is the most stable, reliable and competent system. If your website is the “brochure-ware” type then you must use Linux as it will be the best for you then. The speed will be very high and the downtime speed will be low if a website works on a Linux operating system. If you aim to make your website using programming languages like ASP, .NET, FrontPage, Windows Streaming Media, MSSQL, Access such Microsoft based skills then you most likely require using a Windows host. Mainly, except you are specially using characteristics that are exclusive to one stage or another time will be much saved searching for an actually super quality host than a good class server.

Down time of a website should be low. If you website remain low for a very long time then visitors will not check for your site. If some buyer is seeking for your site and see its unavailable she or he just switch into another site and buy the product from the other site. As there are hundreds of competitors you have in this online market you have to be the best to survive. Another very disappointing feature will be slow access. So gather proper information regarding a web host regarding whether it is fast or not, whether it is reliable etc. Once you decided the web hosting company for you website just check about them on Google. You can then see many review pages regarding their services. Check very carefully what other users are saying about their services. Check very carefully before choosing the UAE website hosting plan.

Email Support:

It will be beneficial to have an email hosting Dubai service at your own domain if you have a site of your own. So before getting service from a web hosting service provider you have to make sure that you can get this package from them. You have to make sure that you can send an auto generated reply to the responders from your domain account to get in touch with the visitors. You must also recover all the mails form your account by software. You also need to know that whether you can check e-mail on the web or not. So these basic questions you must need to ask while looking for the web host.