Different Hosting Solutions for Professional Ecommerce Websites in UAE

Before we further go on to discussing the three most important web hosting types let us first tell you what exactly web hosting is and how does it function? Well in a lay man’s term web hosting is nothing but renting some space on a particular web server. This web sever is a special computer armed with special software that facilitates it to obtain requests for the stored website files so that it can send them back pertaining the computer to display these stored files. This practice of furnishing space and bandwidth on these web servers which are extremely high powered defines affordable hosting plans in UAE.

The various web hosting companies allow customers to procure the available bandwidth and a part of disk space for a monthly rental which fortunately is quite less than the cost it could have mounted to if you were to operate a server by a data center or from your home itself. These companies look after all the software, hardware and the rest technical requirements of yours. There are various web hosting types, but the three most standard are:

  • Dedicated
  • Reseller
  • Shared

Shared Web Hosting

This type is the most common out of all. Over 95% of the various websites which we find on the internet are functioning in the above mentioned web hosting environment. Shared hosting implies the hosting of several websites on a single server. The expense of operating this server is shared by the various clients hosted on this particular server.

Hence this process is very cost effective and is universally cheaper as compared to any other web hosting offer. Here every particular client is allotted certain amount of bandwidth, disk space, email address and etc depending on the client’s requirement and the payment amount he meets.

Reseller Web Hosting

In this hosting type, server storage facility is provided to a third party by a web hosting provider at a less price, who in turn resells the provided web server storage to their own customers. Here the third party is the reseller.

Mostly these resellers are system integration companies, web developers or designers who sell these storage facilities as an added service to better the other services provided by them. This type is also quite popular and is certainly a low cost solution if one wishes to start a web hosting business.

Dedicated Web Hosting

If one wishes to have an entire web server on rent then that is termed as dedicated web hosting. Usually owners who have a big and powerful website that gets a lot of traffic and who do not wish to have a server on share basis are the ones who opt for this web hosting type. Here you exercise greater amount of control and power over the use and configuration of the server.

Dedicated hosting is more costly as compared to the rest types since here there is only one particular host. This type is best for those who have an extremely busy website and are looking for extra security without any outside interference.

Guidelines to Make a Promising E-Commerce Website

In order to create an arresting and sales oriented e-commerce web design one needs to keep certain basics in mind while doing so. When you hire professional eCommerce solutions developer in Dubai, the following aspects will be maintained:

  • Formal look: the client with his first glance should be able to comprehend what service or tool your web site is offering since you will not be physically there. Hence the layout should have a business look very much professional in purpose.


Functional structure, incorporation of white space, neat graphics and layout along with lucid navigation options are a must have attain this look. Animated graphics should be strictly avoided.


  • Careful planning: planning is vital to every business and e-commerce is not an exception to that. Hence one needs to plan extensively regarding the kind of product, their description, design and display. This will aid people to learn better of your products.


  • Loading time should be less: people tend to navigate away from those sites which take longer than expected to open. Hence if you do not nurture the intention of losing your potential customers then you should design a site which does not demand much time to load in any leading web browser.



  • Categorization of the products: the aim of e-commerce designing lies in reaching customers their desired products. Hence one should categorize the products in the most user friendly manner. The types should be clearly mentioned along with the various brands available on offer. The price of a product is very important. It should be mentioned so that a customer can estimate one’s affordability and also compare it if he or she wishes to.


  • Detailed information should be provided: make sure that your customers can have a detailed look and they should be able to have a feel of the product. In order to do this your website should have the following provisions:



  1. There should be an option through which a particular commodity can be viewed in different sizes.
  2. The commodity should be visible from more than one angle.
  3. Information should be provided regarding the colors, brands, sizes, measurements available and also the various prices of the products should be mentioned.

Shipping cart should be concise: it should always be remembered that the purpose of a shipping cart is to smoothen a buyers buying experience. Therefore:

  1. The form should not be lengthy at all with least possible steps, while placing an order.
  2. Signing up for an account creation should be very much optional
  3. Online Customer care should be available always.
  4. Payment gateways should imperatively be more than one.

Integrate trust: purchasing means sharing valuable information like divulging credit card information. Hence in order to show that you are not a fraudulent company you need to provide information such as your contact number, website or email address, company name and etc.

Hence if one does not want to drop a lucrative sale then a company should design an e-commerce website keeping the above mentioned basics in mind.

Essence of Web Hosting and Ecommerce in Modern Business Scenario

Web hosting service is an internet hosting service that includes World Wide Web to be connected to the people. It basically provides a space on the server, especially on the data center that usually owned by the users. Hosting is typically used for large organizations and even smaller organizations. A webpage could be transferred through the help of File Transfer Protocol. Hosting is free for personal website management, but could be very expensive for larger corporate and companies.

Ecommerce is the process of conducting transactions online or electronically through online or through the internet while buying a product or service.

Hosting Types

Various types of web hosting services are:-

Free web hosting, reseller web hosting, shared web hosting, virtual dedicated server, dedicated hosting service, managed hosting service, cloud hosting, grid hosting, collocation web hosting. Free web hosting service includes limited services from various companies. Shared hosting services where one website is placed on to share with other sites on the same server. Reseller hosting services are larger in size that will let a client become a web host of them. The virtual dedicated server is a server where various server resources are divided into other virtual servers. Dedicated hosting is where one user gets his or her own server. Cloud hosting servers are the most efficient and dedicated servers in the market currently.

Right Ecommerce Website Takes Business in Right Direction

If you are finding a website in Dubai and Abu Dhabi then you need to consider choosing the right person for it. You need to make sure that the website designer you are choosing not only creating a good website for you but also he is helping your website to do internet marketing properly. For effective ecommerce web designing, Payfort integration in eCommerce website is the most important thing. Along with effective payment integration, the service provider should cater seamless ecommerce product galleries and other major options.

If you can make some good website design then it will be very profitable for your business. You can get a website designer for your website who will get your website designed and after that he will also get involved with the internet marketing for your website. To maximize the effects of your website to the people you need to make sure that you are doing the best internet strategies for your website. And you should know that your marketing efforts require to be continually changing to make your website eye catching to the customers.

Before choosing a website you need to talk with more than website designers at least as if you can speak with one website designer then you cannot compare and you cannot get the best for your website. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi you will get many designers but you will face some problem if you choose the wrong designer. To avoid those problems you should be cautious from the beginning.

You should have more than one option. You need to make sure that the website designer is paying enough of attention to your website and your business. First the website designer must get clear idea about your business. He should know what you want from your business and where you want to go with your business at first otherwise it will be difficult for the designer to build a perfect website for your businesses. So before handling the project discuss about your business with him clearly.

You need to talk with the previous clients of the website designer to make sure that the clients are happy with its work and You should ask to those clients that how long did it get to get their website up and running properly. You should make sure that the website designer does not take months to complete the project. You should clear that you are having a time limit and the designer have to submit you the website within the time period.

Customized Ecommerce Website Designing Services in Dubai

Now this is really a downtime in economy is going on so many businessmen are looking for different methods to promote their business and advertise their products and services to the customers to grow their revenues in this tough market. In this situation making a website can be a very good idea. If you want to get millions of potential customers from all over the world then making a website could be the best idea for that. But, for that, you need expertise eCommerce solutions developer in Dubai.

It really will be a good start to increase the exposure to your business. If your company in present is in not a good condition and right now you cannot spend the hundreds or thousands of dollars to have a custom website then you can just for now get some templates to get a cheap but proper website for your business. You can get many templates online. If you are looking for cheaper solution then you can get some free templates also sometimes.

But you need to know that these templates as they are free or very cheap cost, these are used by many more websites previously so your website will not get any competitive edge if you are using these templates to make your website built. Your website will not have any unique branding in it using those templates. So you cannot get enough of customers in fact you can loose your existing customers too after some days. You need to make sure that the website you are building should be able to focus on your brand name. You need to make sure that your website can uniquely define your business but with these free templates you never can do that.

So you need to find out now with spending little more money how can you get your business a well improved and unique website. As there are many solutions are available in the market you can get many ideas also to get a custom designed website at a reasonable price. In fact if you do enough of research you might find some ways also to get a really great custom website for your business for a very low-cost or absolutely free and which will be much better than the website made with free templates. An ecommerce website of yours in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be uniquely yours you can make sure that in that case.

Learning Ecommerce Basics before Finding Ecommerce Solutions Providers

Online purchase is taking the entire world by storm, making billions of pounds in return. Several enterprises are struggling to bring their services online to make profit of this commercial boom. With this ever-evolving world of technology offering smoother access to those wanting to buy products or services from online providers and operators, the online market is fast emerging as the place to do business.

If one is willing to take advantage on this craze, eCommerce website design is a great place to begin. eCommerce, also referred as electronic commerce, is basically the procedure and functioning of getting involved in business via the Internet. An eCommerce website is unique from most of the conventional sites because of the features and potential required. As more and more people get engrossed in online purchasing, craze and demand of eCommerce website design keep on evolving as a pre-eminent economic movement all over the world.

eCommerce is the greatest thing to happen in the sphere of business. To generate right kind of buzz among people, there are some keys. Keep the following things in mind when you hire ecommerce solutions provider:

Creativity rules – To draw the quality traffic at the website, it is crucial to dream up the website appealing. Artistry or creativity is inborn gift and is a must here.

User friendly site navigation – Website navigation is the most vital and anticipated aspect which must be accomplished by the good website design. One’s website should have the apt architecture with easy and smooth navigation keys so that it could boost the search process for the users.

Consumer assessment – By monitoring the consumers’ expression and demeanour, one can initiate necessary updates. Through this way one can reform and introduce brand-new products and services to his/her website.

Conquer geographical limitations – The arrival of eCommerce has annihilated every existing limitation of geography. With an eCommerce website, the entire world becomes one’s playground.

Reduced cost- One of the most phenomenal positives of eCommerce is the reduced cost.

Time saving – One of the biggest advantages of eCommerce web design is its capacity to save people’s travel time and obviously money. eCommerce biz implies less time, less maintenance, less staff.

Tax-saving- Another benefit offered by eCommerce is tax advantage. It allows one to save money as the rent, mortgage bills can be avoided in this procedure.

Spot the products faster – Gone are the days of pushing a shopping cart to the proper corridor or looking for the desired product. On an eCommerce website, consumers can click through instinctive navigation or utilize a search box to instantly cut down their product search.

Importance of CMS as Web Developing Framework

There are many kinds of frameworks available for different type of Dubai ecommerce website. You need to make sure that the designers are implementing right type of framework for your website and the framework can do the best job for your website. It is very important to choose a right type of framework for your website. The framework which can meet your website’s requirements will be the best for your website.

Another important thing can improve your website’s needs is the content management system. Content is a very vital part for any type of website and publishing good content can get your website lots of traffic. In CMS there is a centrally located administrative tool. By this tool all the contents of your website will be managed, edited and published in your website successfully. Not only will this CMS allow more than these features also.  It will allow in your website data sharing process, report writing etc.

You should allow the clients to share their views regarding your website. You should try to get suggestions from the clients. It will help you to build a good relationship between you and your clients. This permits clients to contribute in the growth and organization management of the website and also assists them figure their idea for their business. You should make sure that CMS is not making the articles or contents too difficult for clients. As long as this isn’t too strictly difficult to be aware of, clients can gain happiness from playing a job in the mean of their website.

If the designer you chose is using CMS then you need to know how to handle your website through CMS. A good designer will always provide client a training abut CMS. It will help you to handle your website in future by your own. Being the owner of the site you need to have some basic idea regarding what type of framework or working in your site, what type of coding the designer is used in your website etc. By this you can know your website and better and in future if your website is having any trouble your basic knowledge will help you to get out from this trouble. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi every website designer has some basic technical knowledge about their websites.