Ecommerce Web Design Guide for the Startup Companies in UAE

It will not be very difficult to create an ecommerce website. It is not very costly either. If you a new in this online marketing business then you can find many easily accessible ecommerce solution for your website. It is really effective for any kind of business to market products online. The products can be purchased instantly by the shopping cart and payment also be made instantly. But many businessmen believe that creating an ecommerce is a very tough, hectic and costly business and they always avoid creating their ecommerce website Dubai. But this believe is wrong absolutely. You should keep your business away from website for some really silly reasons.

How to choose an ecommerce Provider?

To compliment all you contents of your website you should chose a website which is already designed and used by some businessmen before. This ecommerce can be suited with your website really well and to operate these services you just need to have some minimum technical knowledge. Some pre-designed ecommerce service provider also offers the facility to customize the design and design element by the owners. In this case you can design some really good content that will fit into business properly. There are some advantages to choose a pre-designed ecommerce website and these are:

  • As a new comer you can not bear very huge start up cost so by choosing a ready made product you can reduce the start up cost considerably. In this case you can also get to know the importance of ecommerce without wasting lot of money.
  • You can get fast operation without having any technical knowledge even.
  • Ecommerce service is easily scalable and very fast. After testing the ecommerce products you can scale your product. It will help you to make more profit.
  • You can easily integrate the previous design to get a customized design for your website. You need not to reinvent some design. You can just modify the previous version.
  • As you can get pre-designed website it will reduce the designing headache of this website. Pre-designed ecommerce can eliminate many hurdles. You can easily test the previous design to organize a newer version.

Where will you find the service?

You can get thousands of sites for providing ecommerce hosting. But most of them charge something from you to customize your website. You have to search for this site on the internet. Some of the important factors are also cost, technical skills etc. Along with ecommerce web design service provider, find reliable and trusted shared web hosting Dubai service for profound business presence.

Basic idea of web hosting Service in Middle East

What is web hosting?

If you are completely unknown about the term web hosting then you have to know the meaning of this term first. It is business by which a bandwidth and space is provided to a computer server and the computer server is being connected to the internet through a very high speed connection. Large number of networks is controlled by some hosting companies and it is controlled by a site named data center. The internet connection which connects this center with the internet is should be redundant in nature. Data center should have some basic features like it should has a backup power, it should be connected to internet by a high speed service, and a monitoring staff for security.

Function of a web hosting UAE company

For a monthly rent the hosting companies provide bandwidth and disk space to the owner of website. Once the customer takes their service they will get a specific space at a web server and he can upload data regarding his website at this server. This server uploads all this information to the internet so can the users of internet can see these. If you want to own a data center of your won then you have to pay more than the rent you have to pay to the web hosing companies. As the web hosting companies control many websites at a time they can offer this service at a much cheaper cost. And another thing is they will control and solve all the hardware, software and any kinds of technical problems of your website. So you need not be worried about these things at all. That is why these companies are so popular.

Different types of web hosting:

You can classify their service in some different categories like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting etc. In all these types the basic functions are remain almost same but services differ. You can get the best service from dedicated hosting plan. And of course with the services the price of hosting also varies. Price is a very important factor f choosing a web host. You can see many hosting companies Dubai are providing really cheap services. But do not lure with this cheap package as they sometime not able to offer all the basics need. Do not let the cheap package befooled you. Some hosting companies are expensive but you cab get great features from them which will be really helpful for your website. So to save some amounts of money do not spoil your business.

Things to Know before Choosing Reliable Web Hosting in UAE

It will not be a good deal if you choose free web hosting service. The free web host will display many ads over your website and you will not even any control over these ads. They will not provide you any customer support even or you can get very little customer support. They will not even warn you before closing their business. You can get now many web hosting providers with very good web hosting service at a little cost.

You should choose one of them for your website. It will really hurt your website if you choose any bad kind of web hosting solution. Before making a deal with any hosting company you have to check all the rules and regulations of the hosting company. Some web host put some restriction on what type of contents or material you can use for your own website. Some also do not allow accepting every kinds of email address and that is why you should check what type of website you are going to choose. If you find out that the web host you are choosing putting so much restriction on your site then you must need to choose another web host.

Does price mean anything?

This article will help you to get a proper web host for your company considering that you are not thinking the price of web host are the most important point to choose a web hosting service Dubai. You are not choosing web host based on their price. But sure you cannot avoid the effect of price in your mind. Of course if you can get two hosting services with all the same features except the cost then you will have to choose the cheaper one. But while choosing a web host your main criteria should not be the price. It should be other important features that can make your website better than any other.

Don’t freak out!

The last point you should remember that if you chose once a wrong hosting service for your website and for that your website is not working properly then you should be freaked out. You can switch to another hosting service easily. You just need to find which will be the best for your website. There are many web host are available there. Take the advantage of having internet and search the best kind of web host for your site.

Web Hosting Services in Dubai – A Growing Demand

No one now can think today’s world without internet. The world will become lame without it. And the websites are the making structures of internet. Whenever you search for any keywords in Google you will see that thousands of websites are appearing front of you. Some of them are just personal or blogging website and some of them are high class business websites. So for all these websites, website hosting is necessary. So the demand of website hosting is increasing day by day too very rapidly. Now web hosting Abu Dhabi is a very common term related with each website and everyone is aware about its importance on websites. Now exactly what a web host can do for a website?

If you want to know it just casually then it is just method to publishing a website in the internet. In other words it is like a service where an owner of website wants to some space for his website from the web host at the web server. The whole web server and the required space can be given by the web host to the owner. This facility will allow the owner of the website or the entire organisation to show their website in the internet and by this website they can show their services and products to all the users of World Wide Web. But if you are thinking that it is all about website hosting then you are wrong really.

You will need lots of technical support to carry out all the tasks of your website and you will get all the support from the web host too. If you choose a proper web host for your website then it will work 24/7 for your website to make sure that your website is working properly and your customers is getting service from your website every time from anywhere.

If you want to check the previous services of some web hosting companies then you will see that previously they are not so efficient and the cost of web hosting was way high. But now you can see that other than web hosting there are lots of services is provided by a web hosting provider and the cost of web hosting is cheap also. The cause behind this is the immense competition. Now millions of web hosting provides are available in UAE and Dubai. To compete with each other they have to provide some excellent facilities to the customers.

Benefits of Professional Ecommerce Apps and Finding Reliable Ecommerce Developer

It is not a tough business to set up your own online business. By using proper applications you can get great help at this task. In other way by choosing wrong applications you can hinder the progress of your online business too. If you use pure ecommerce applications then customers cannot navigate your website and it leads to less number of online orders.

Using good ecommerce applications you can make a simple order and payment process for your customers. To create a good interface between services and products you can attract large number of customers. By including some applications at the administrator site good ecommerce applications can simply the whole process at the customer site. Customers can very easily track the service of yours. Make the purchase management simpler and easily navigable to make the service comfortable for the customers. For that, you need to find professional and reliable ecommerce website development service in UAE.

Which are the best ecommerce applications?

To select the best ecommerce applications you need to see some basic features of these applications. You have to check out very carefully that whether the applications satisfy your entire website’s need or not. Some clients think that easily set up applications is the best to use for their site. And someone think that the best applications package should come with low price. So it depends on the customers. Choices of applications can be varied with the type of ecommerce website also.

Some basic features of the best applications for ecommerce website:

You need to check some features in ecommerce applications. Whatever website you have in this online business world these basic features you must need in applications you are using for your site. Some these features are:

  • Monthly fee of ecommerce applications should low enough to be affordable for all. It should not have set up cost. You can install it without paying any cost. If the applications have any set up free then it should not have any monthly rent. You can get some companies are providing ecommerce applications with no monthly rent so you should be worried in what you are spending your money for.
  • Applications you are using for your business should not be static in nature. It should be dynamic so you can upgrade the applications with your business. This feature of applications is called scalability. Obviously you will not wish that your website keep static in the online business with the same old features that you installed it in the website years before.

Basic features of seamless ecommerce web applications

For managing a professional ecommerce platform, it is important to have a lot of feature rich ecommerce applications. Ecommerce apps designing as well as development have been considered as an integral part of ecommerce web development Abu Dhabi process.

Set up process: Set up process of ecommerce applications should be very easy. To make it simple to set up some of the ecommerce applications now are using the programs based on wizards. This program makes the ecommerce applications really easy to set up. One of the very good wizard based ecommerce applications is the Merchandiser Pro. Other ecommerce applications for ecommerce website can be set up by some experts with the vendor of yours. It can determine your knowledge in this part.

Diversity of features: Good interface between the quality of products you are offering to your customer and the services the customers are getting from your website is very important. Both of them should be connected together. You should not include some complex features that can make the shopping experience of your customers a headache. Do not try to use unnecessary features as these will make your site really messy. The ecommerce applications solution you are providing should be useful for both customers’ and administrators’ end.

You have to first determine that what type of customer you are seeking for your site. Some ecommerce applications targets the developers or designers of websites on the other hand some ecommerce applications are for general customers who do not know much about website designing. So after deciding the target audient you have to change your business strategy of your ecommerce website.

To find by customers more frequently your website has to search engine friendly. If your website is following all the guidelines of SEO then it will improve its ranking and can be appeared at the first page of any search engine, which will be really beneficial for your business. So for that reason you have to choose a website which will incorporate all the guidelines of SEO.

Features: Features of a website can be varied with website owners. According to their business needs they can choose different advanced features. So before choosing a website you need to list of features you want in your website. Then it will become easier to sort out from the thousands of ecommerce applications available online.

Every customer considers cost of ecommerce applications is a very vital point to choose ecommerce applications. So, good ecommerce applications should be affordable. Good ecommerce applications should provide maximum benefits at minimum cost.

Another must have feature in ecommerce applications you should look for is scalability. Ecommerce applications must be updated with time as the technology is developing so fast. So, good applications should be comfortable with progression.

Ecommerce Web Design Evaluation – Evaluate Your Website for Better Online Presence

General focus of website designer is to make an appealing website. But this is not the most important to thing to build a website. If you are taking the same strategy then you cannot make a good website and cannot satisfy the real needs of clients. Actually website of 5years before were better and have some really wow factors in it. But in past 5 years the web development process is not improved much.

You can include perfect website it should be a blend of perfect graphics and texts, clever videos, good effects and business strategies in a website but it does not necessarily mean that it will satisfy the customers’ need. Extreme visual appeal can reduce the performance of w website. By performance you can say the intended business goal or the objective of website. So it is very important to set some objectives before designing or redesigning a website. For better UAE ecommerce web design performance, insightful web evaluation and web development knowledge are imperative.

Purpose of a website:

  • Attract the right visitors for your website. You have to convince them what your website has to offer them and also convince why they should look out at your website instead of others.
  • You have to inform customers and also educate the visitors regarding the products or objects of the website.
  • If you can get good rating regarding your site from other designers of website then you can reach to more people and it will be very good to advertise your website.
  • For a business website it is really important to sell products to the customers.
  • Look is to the most important thing but you should ignore it as well. No visitor will prefer a monotonous website. So it should stun visitor with proper combination of looks and services.

There are many website are available online to judge your website. By these you can measure the performance of your website design. Many peers regularly place their reviews regarding websites’ performance to make them better. Some of these are:

  • In you can measure who is the designer of exceptionally stunning website by web standards and practices of usability.
  • In you can get to know where you can get the best anthology of portfolio of sites, its designers, models, photographers and other professionals.
  • In you can get list of some very well designed ecommerce websites.

So as you can see these evaluating cover almost all criteria of a proper website so you can understand the goal of the website very well and can instruct the designer regarding it.

Ecommerce Web Design UAE for Expanding Business Sales Rate

Due to the demand of customers many businessmen want to have the services of ecommerce web design UAE. As the number is increasing day by day, you have to know some pros and cons regarding this business. You have to know also what steps should be taken by you to grow your business through ecommerce. Due to the presence of ecommerce some website researcher claimed that instead of economical imbalance sales growth in website will continue to rise at the rate of 14%. If you are having some dilemmas to create an ecommerce this article can definitely help you.

Some dilemmas you are going to face are:

  • Many businessmen do not know where to find a good ecommerce website designer.
  • They think that building of a website by follo0wing ecommerce rules is will be a huge expensive business.

To build a very successful business using ecommerce is not very easy. You have to follow some basic techniques.

  • You have to understand your business ideas and aims first.
  • Your website should look attractive. If your website does not have any innovative features then why should customer value it?
  • Keep your website simple. Most of the customers’ do not have knowledge regarding complex structure of websites. So with very complex functionality they got confused. So make clients’ experience of shopping easy and enjoyable.
  • To make a successful website, your website should be a perfect combination of proper web design and ecommerce strategies.
  • With all other techniques you can not measure the performance of a website. So if you undertake any new technique you have to measure its fruition . But in case of ecommerce by technique like Google Analytics one can successfully campaign the website.
  • Any website with some solid plans of ecommerce proved to be very successful in online world.

It is really beneficial take ecommerce plans also. It’s true that e commerce design will be more expensive than general website building but the price not even close of building a shop and recruit people to maintain it. If you build a physical shop that shop can only attract the nearby customers to it but through the ecommerce website you can get customers from all over the world. Therefore for so many reasons in today’s market it is really beneficial to use ecommerce strategy to reach the goal of your business. It can absolutely outperform your business performance.

Web Development Dubai and Need for Professional Web developers

Web designing in the art of designing web pages, depending on a predefined set of criteria specified. It is a very creative, innovative and fun-filled job. The main task is to grab the attention of the user the first time he uses the website; since the web design sets a benchmark for the business and gives a presentation of the business. The key to this is adding value to the user experience and by making the website attractive.

Web development Dubai is a collaborative term that merges two actions; creation and maintenance of websites. It is a vast area that includes front end design, user experience design and search engine optimization. Usually web designing is divided into interface designing, database content regulation and the maintenance of the website.

A web interface is typically designed for Layman users or for clients who are in dire need of a web portal. The preponderant aim of a design should be the user friendliness and the purpose of building the portal. The interface should be designed keeping in mind the business needs and the type of users accessing the website. Below is the categorisation of the tasks involved in designing an interface:

Graphic user interface: This focuses on the look and feel of the website. The more user-friendly a website is the more it is used & accessed by the users. The designing of interface is crucial when it comes to serving the necessities of the user. Also, the interface design serves an important role since it would be used by users of all kind viz. Layman users, expertise, clients. This includes vivid instructions to the user and help directions provided as needed by him.

Database content regulation: As and when the content of the database is updated, the same should reflect on the front end. This is handled by the developer and this is done when the website is not used by the target audience.

Maintenance: When a website is newly developed the number of users is less and it increases over a period of time. This increase in the number of users puts the load balancing of the website to a test. To manage such things and to enhance the website with the latest updates maintenance is crucial.

A website design is termed as good when it aims to answering the questions of the target audience, it is built keeping in mind a wide area of audience and lastly is easy to surf so that the user is glued to the website! Proper website designing needs professional support from Dedicated Web Hosting Dubai. As it is important to create a website, it is equally needed to opt for robust web hosting.

Threats and Attacks on Ecommerce and Combating Those with Professional Ecommerce Solutions Dubai

Transactions of values are done electronically in ecommerce environment. Technologies like Electronic Bulletin Boards, Electronic Fund transfer, emails, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) are used to exchange the business information. Since companies do these operations via World Wide Web in an ecommerce environment, so internet connection is a crucial factor here. And this transaction security is the most important portion of Ecommerce online store development Dubai. If any organization fails to build a secured network connection for their customers, this company will not succeed in ecommerce development. As the business transactions over internet totally depend on the network connectivity, any problem in infrastructure may cause failure of the company. This article can help you to know about the several kinds of threats and attacks on ecommerce business.

All we know that the fraud cases may occur over the internet because people involved in the operation are not meeting physically. Now we are going to discuss some kinds of threats that may injure the business. Since all the business process in ecommerce environment is done over the internet, there are more chances of threats and attacks.

Threats For Ecommerce and Combating Threats

Threat is a possible danger that exploits vulnerability. The basic threats of an ecommerce based business are:

Interruption: A major threat in ecommerce is interruption which attacks on availability. In that case a third party interrupts the communication between the sender and receiver. The receiver becomes unable to receive the message anymore.

Interception: Interception attacks on confidentiality. An unauthorized third party gains access to the message content. When the receiver receives the message he/she does not know that another person has already read it.

Modification: This type is the most dangerous threat. Here a third party gains access to the message and the capability to modify the message content. The receiver does not know whether the message has been changed or not. This is an attack on integrity.

Fabrication: A third party inserts counterfeit into the communication channel. For example, insertion of spurious messages or the record addition to the file.

Attacks and Combating Those Attacks

An attack is an assault on the security of the system. Now we are going to share some concepts about several attacks on ecommerce business.

  • Eavesdropping: This type of attack includes listening or overhearing portion of conversation. This is a type of positive attack.
  • Modification Attacks: This includes deletion of message, insertion of wrong data, or alteration of content of the message.
  • Repudiation Attacks: This information appears invalid or misleading when the communication process is attacked by Reputation attack.
  • Denial-of-Service Attacks: This prevents the user’s access to the server. A successful attacker brings down e-commerce website of an organization to deny usage for their legitimate customers.
  • Spoofing Attacks: In this type of attack someone tries to masquerade as someone else.
  • Replay Attacks: This is quite common when the message is captured to access or modify.

Thus privacy protection and security settings become much essential when a customer buys products using credit cards in internet. Ecommerce development companies must be aware of these attacks and threats while building the environment.