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When we talk about web marketing or online marketing, email marketing is something that we cannot put aside. Email marketing comes with a range of benefits, starting from revenue generation to brand promotional – everything becomes easy once you master the art of email marketing. For email marketing, one thing is high priority and that is the quality of the emails. Sending emails to your clients or potential customers is not spamming. It is basically maintaining online PR or staying in touch with your clients or customers so that as a brand you can get recognition. So, emails should be well-composed, well-versed and informative or lucrative so that they can attract others with ease.

Now have a look on the benefits of ethical email marketing:

Cost-Effective Online Exposure

Online marketing is a vast section of product or brand marketing and hence business owners often require some investments in order to gain the benefits of brand exposure. It is quite obvious that as a startup company owner, you would not like to go for big investments. So, if you are seeking low investments yet highly effective outcomes, then email marketing is the most suitable option for you. In email marketing, you do not have to bear with heavy investments rather small investments will fetch you terrific outcomes if the emails are directed properly.

Direct Communication with Clients/Customers

Email marketing is the only possible way of internet marketing, where you can directly get in touch with your clients. Though, after the advent of social media platforms, direct communication has become simplified, still effective email marketing has unmatched benefits to offer. Use the emails for occasional regards exchange with your loyal customers or you can use the email for promoting your new products. Alternatively, emails can also be used for proving latest updates, news and offers of your company.

High ROI

For the business owners, ROI or return on investment is one of the important issues. Everyone wants to see some amount of returns in exchange of their investments. Email marketing does not only provide high return on investment but it is a simple method to gain fast ROI. If your emails are ethical, they will surely fetch unexpected revenues for you within a quick succession of time.

Brand Promotion

For promoting a brand name, UAE email marketing package has unmatched benefits. However, one has to be careful while sending newsletters to the clients. The newsletters should contain authentic and important information otherwise negative brand promotion may happen.

Easy to Manage

Unlike SEO or link building for online marketing, email marketing is easy to perform and hassle free to manage. For SEO or link building, people require service providers to assist them. But email marketing is comparatively easy and if you are enthusiastic enough then you can manage this by your own efforts. Though, hiring a service provider is always a good thing to do, especially if you are seeking professional results.

Email marketing is often misused and mistrusted! Hence, if you opt for this online marketing technique you have to be careful with the modus operandi of email marketing.

Why Is It Important to Hire Professional Services for Web Designing?

Websites have become integral parts of our lives. Today, every one of us has at least some amount of dependency over the internet and internet is all about websites. Not only for information and fun, websites are also getting used widely for different purposes, like – business and communication, gaming, learning things, listen music, shopping, etc. Now, the biggest aspect of the website is business and communication. Definitely, this is the reasons for which websites have acquired mammoth popularity throughout the world. Websites have open several business opportunities in these days and the biggest advantage is that business houses can approach global clients through the websites with ease.

Though, opportunities are widespread, competition in the online business field is truly cut-throat. To deal with the competition, as a business owner, you need to work out a few strategies and have to follow some effective action plans. The first and foremost thing that you must make sure that you should have a great website. A good business website should be user-friendly, eye-catchy and easy to navigate. Apart from these, there are some technical aspects, on which you also need to pay your attention. For example – a good business website should have a secure payment gateway, SEO-friendly, etc.

To avail such important aspects and to incorporate them with ease, you need to hire a good website designer and developer. While hiring website designer, two options appear. The first one is hiring an individual design and the second one is hiring a website designing company. Both are good, but especially for business purposes, hiring a professional UAE ecommerce web design service would be effective. It is true that individual designers would be a cost-effective solution, but a veteran website designing company can provide you more sound quality and effective web solutions.

Let us have a look, what are the services that a website designing company offers to us:

  • SEO Friendliness – Good website designing company will serve you a website that will be SEO-friendly and thus, swift to provide you the business successes. A SEO friendly site also slashes off your budget for the web promotion or marketing.

Attention grabbing website – A website must have the power to grab the attention of the buyers. For this aesthetically well designed and ethically well-developed websites are required. Whether it is flash based website or general website, this is a must do for you.

Apart from these, a good company can provide you seamless website designing solutions. Thus, hire a good website designer for optimum business success.

CMS Based Dynamic Web Design Dubai

Web design actually does not have a long history. The reason is quite simple and that is due to the advent of internet in recent times. It is not much long when internet was introduced in our lives and at that time, who would have thought that this amazing technology will change our life completely? Yes, when internet appeared first time, it was in a crude form. Low speed internet was good enough to do some amount of communication. But, no one had thought to use them as the business communication medium. Well, things changed dynamically and now internet has become a part and parcel of our life. We cannot live without internet as it has left a great impact on us.

Professional ecommerce web designing Dubai starts with the concept of graphic designing. Although, both of these terms are different and have diverse applications! Though, in order to know website designing well, you must learn about graphic designing ethics, tools and concepts. At the primitive stage of website design, things were different actually. In that time, website was used to be designed through HTML and CSS application. But these days, the layout is conceptualized first and then the layout is constructed into the Photoshop Tool. This amazing tool has a magic option, which is called slicing. Through slicing and converting the Photoshop file into HTML, today’s complicated and vast websites are designed.

Introduction of CMS

The advent of CMS into the market, made the process of designing website, managing web contents and other technical things easy. Through the application of CMS, one can build an amazing website which has all aspects like, design, easy navigation, etc. filled with precision and perfection. The best part of the CMS platform is that even if you are a layman, do not know HTML and CSS, you can also use the CMS platforms for designing websites. You can achieve stunning results, without having any base knowledge. Is not that fun?

Introduction of PHP – Dynamic Website

CMS is nothing but the fruitfulness of PHP webs language. PHP is a client side open source web language which allows users to build dynamic websites. Dynamic website refers to the website that is updated frequently. Ecommerce websites are mostly dynamic websites, which feature a nice shopping cart, a secure payment gateway and product description page or photo gallery, etc. Through the application of PHP a huge database can be managed with ease. This is the biggest advantage of PHP and MySql database integration.

Traditional Business vs. E-commerce Business – A Comparison and Futuristic Analysis

The electronic commerce has changed the business style drastically in the last few years. E-commerce is the way of online trading. The concept of business using e-commerce is significantly different from traditional business concept, theoretically and practically. The e-commerce development is perhaps the technology with highest commercial impact.

Theoretical difference in between e-commerce business and traditional business:

Any business is identified by its inputs and outputs. A business takes some input, adds some value to it, and generates the output. The value addition may be done by transformation of product or by addition of service. in traditional trading the inputs are raw materials or semi processed goods. Whereas, in trading through ecommerce website design company Dubai the inputs are basically the customer information or target market information. In traditional industry the output is finished product, in e- commerce trading the output is either service or information bundle coupled with physical product dispatching. In physical trading information doesn’t play a significant role, but processing is. In virtual trading information is the base of the whole system.

Practical difference between virtual e-commerce aided trading and conventional trading:

In case of virtual trading there exists no actual shop, all the shopping is done using the online product catalogue. This diminishes the establishment costs involved in the business. Along with the shop, the need of physical sales executives is also eliminated. The sites interactive nature is your guide and salesperson. This lessens the employee number and salary expenditure of the business. While doing online payment a part of the transacted money is deducted by the bank which is supporting your e-payment gateway. This money is taken as the processing cost. In case of physical stores there is no such deduction. All the money that you get from your sales goes to your account.

During any dispute in between two nodes of the supply chain a physical business needs to bear the hassles of physical transport of product and need to compensate financially. As the supply chain of virtual trading is also mostly non-physical in nature and involves less handling of goods, it faces fewer hassles during disputes. In traditional trading the goods re handled many times. From the main production house it goes to different suppliers or retailers. From them it goes to smaller dealers and finally reaches the showrooms. Virtual trading involves less handling of goods. This lessens the risk of the product damage. The customer base of normal trading needs a huge time to develop. As it is based on goodwill and the publicity is less powerful. The e-commerce customer base depends on the effectiveness of the site mostly. The marketing and spread of market is faster here.

E-commerce is a powerful business tool. With the increasing popularity, e-commerce is perhaps the future of all business.

E-commerce Development- a Necessity in Today’s Online Venture

People have seen huge growth in the online business over the last decade.  As many entrepreneurs successfully made their career in the field of online business, it appears as a potential career opportunity among the many aspirant entrepreneurs. However, getting success in this virtual market is not an easy task and many people have realized it once they stepped into this market. For getting success, you need to find a flawless Dubai ecommerce website design & development company which can able to compete with plenty of other e-commerce websites that have already in the market.

Creating a competitive website is a complex task that you cannot do yourself unless you have enough knowledge about web design. Taking professional guidance is always a better option as they are the expert in this field. There are a lot of web designing companies available in the online market. You can easily hire them at a competitive price to ensure success in your online venture. As they have many years’ experience in this field, they will surely deliver a perfect e-commerce solution for your business. With the help of latest tools and technologies, they will definitely help you to take a step ahead than others.

But not all the e-commerce companies provide quality services to their clients. There are many who are not qualified professionals and do not have any guarantee for their services. So, it will be wise to think to before hiring a particular company for your service. Some of the essential points that you should remember at the time of hiring a Web Development Company are listed below.

  • There are many fake e-commerce development companies available in the virtual market. So, to safeguard from them, it is always better to check their physical presence before hiring.
  • References are always potential source about getting valuable information about any particular company. So, always do a reference check to know more about a company.
  • Never compromise with the quality of services. Some companies will entice you to hire their poor quality services at a low rate. Do not go for them as it will incur more cost in the long run.
  • Always ask companies about what they are going to do in your website to give you desired success. Only those who can give you clear vision about their strategies will actually provide you high quality services.
  • The bottom line is that you ought to make a well thought and a well researched decision when you opt for an e-commerce expert because actually you cannot avoid their help if you decide to step into online business. They offer you ample of advantages if you make a right choice.

As expert e- commerce service provider is crucial for success in your online venture, always do a proper research before opting for a particular service provider.

Brief Overview of the Benefits that Web Design Provides to its Consumers

Web design is an uncomplicated word which relates to a company or an organization or an individual of any subject that employs graphical design and graphical ideology for the creation of webpage or websites. Ecommerce website design and development in UAE generally employs HTML, XML, ASP, PHP etc. we should keep one thing in our mind that web development and web design are not alike. Web development is more prostrate towards web dynamics and technical aspects of internet. Web design on the other hand is not very much attached to web dynamics. Another few advantages of web designing is discussed below

  • As websites are always live and operative even those people can reach you who do not know the name of your organization or your websites.
  • Your customers are just a click away from reaching you.
  • Your website is accessible for all people around the globe so your customers will also increase.

A business always requires a good website. Now days with the advancement of the internet websites have become a necessary item for every organization. There are about few thousands of websites available on the internet. The advantage of having a webpage on the internet always depends upon the type of product or service that your organization provides. If you have a website designed then your business will reach global market. A website gives you the chance to compete with other organizations.

Your website should be attractive to the visitors. If your website is not attractive to the users then your business will not be able to reach global market and your product will never gain popularity. On the other hand if your website is attractive then not only your website will gain popularity but your business will gain huge profit. For small business the main problem of web design is the allotment of the budget. If your budget is very minute then you will not be able to hire good web designers. So, your website will not be attractive and at the end your business will suffer a big loss.

It is been advised that one should allot the best possible money for the process of web designing. Website also gives you a market where you can compete with other big organizations and if your product is good and cheap then many people will buy products from you. Internet is also a big place for advertising, if you want to advertise for your products and services then you can always advertise on the popular websites and on the other social networking sites.

Key Features of Ecommerce – Guide for eBusinesses

Early days of e-commerce

In the early days of e-commerce it comprised of two basic technologies.

  • Data interchange via electronic media.
  • Fund transfer via electronic media.

It was initially used for transactions in the commercial field. Different documents involved in the business and their transaction was usually done via internet. Documents like invoice slips, buying/selling bills, purchase slips were generated and transferred using this technique. Banking via internet also aided these transactions.

E-commerce today

Today e-commerce is not just a medium for basic commercial transaction; it has become a global marketing tool and has generated a business era.

The ecommerce website design services in uae aided websites, and e- commerce based applications are now a major mode of marketing. The websites are being used as virtual stores, payments are being made online, and the whole transaction chain is now spread worldwide via these technologies.

Features of an effective e-commerce website

General features:

  • The site should be clean, compact, and precise
  • The appearance of the site must be attractive with suitable graphics and colors. The look should be such that, at the very first glance the customer would get an idea about the products as well as the company.
  • The site should be user friendly and should provide an ease of navigation through it.
  • The site should be informative; it should have ample product details and specifications. There should be a picture showcase for all the products.
  • The site should not involve complex navigation and purchasing process , which may create repulsive mentality in the customers about the site.

Technical features:

  • Personalized customer accounts and services:
  • Each customer should have their own password protected account from where he can track all his purchase details, and other details regarding the transactions e.g product tracking details, shipment details etc.
  • Great level of customer service e.g. quick link to contact the retailer/manufacturer, chat service with the customer care executive, order notification via auto generated e-mails, auto generated invoice slip sending via e-mails etc .should be offered.

Payment options:

Different payment options like cash on delivery, online fund transfer, cheques, PayPal etc should be offered. The site should ensure the security of all these fund transfers and should manage it in a well oriented manner. The e-payment gateway should be well associated with the site ensuring smooth money transaction online via credit cards. Bank associations and the legal issues should be carefully managed.

Search prioritization

The site should look after the search engine optimization (SEO) factor so that while searching for a particular product the customer finds the very site at the top level of the search list. This ensures greater traffic to the website and hence better customer base.

E-Commerce in MIddle East and Global Marketing Scenario

What is E-commerce?

Electronic commerce which is more popularly abbreviated as E-commerce is a powerful marketing tool. It enables the business organizations and users to have a safe transaction of products/ services and money via electronic media. Internet is the means of communication used in the e-commerce development.  The ecommerce website design services dubai empower  the customers to navigate throughout the website, check different products, purchase product online, pay online, and get the delivery of the product at his/her desired location. On the other hand this e- commerce websites and applications enable business organizations to sell their products to distant customers, and get payments online. This removes the limitations of normal store or outlet based purchasing system by overcoming the barrier of distant constraint. It significantly reduces the establishment cost and hence ensures greater profitability.

How does it affect the market of any business organization?

During the days of conventional marketing and selling via stores or outlets, the market corresponding to any business was somewhat localized. This was due to the physical distance between the customer and the stores. But via the e-commerce website even a distant customer base becomes your market as they get all the required information online via your website. An e- commerce website empowers your customers to purchase your product online without physically visiting your shop. This naturally broadens the target market of any business to a large extent.

On the other hand the development of e-commerce has created a very stiff competition regarding pricing. The customers are now capable of gathering huge information about different companies and their products before they buy and hence it reasonably creates a huge competition where mostly pricing becomes the decisive parameter. Hence small scale businesses are getting stressed as they are not being able to offer the economic price for products to their relatively small customer base.

At the same time the development of e-commerce significantly reduced the fixed establishment cost of the business organizations by removing the requirements of physical showrooms and sales person .The e-commerce websites actually start behaving like virtual e-stores which assures greater profitability.

Effect of e-commerce on distribution system

There are companies which never did exist in the conventional format i.e. they never had any store. The whole marketing as well as distribution system of these companies are entirely dependent on their e-commerce websites and virtual channel of marketing based on internet and electronic communication media. These companies need to have a very good hold on their sites as the customer service provided is the only mode of reputation and marketing for them.

On the other hand there are old companies which used to do business in the conventional format. They are now generating web based business and creating their e-commerce websites to grab the new generation market, and to further grow in the market. These companies need to carefully mange their distribution channel as there is a possibility of mismanagement in between the two parallel retailing systems.

Brief Technical Study on UAE Web Hosting Services

Want to have a website of your own? The first step that you need to take is to search for a good company who will design your website. Secondly search out a proper web hosting service provider. This step is essential to launch the created web design in the World Wide Web. The web hosting providers actually own servers or have servers on lease. When you appoint them, they actually store your website in their server and then air it over internet. Before you appoint a service provider you need to go for an informative market research. This ensures proper value of your investment.

A good web hosting company will have good technical expertise. They should be well equipped to tackle your bandwidth problems and problems regarding DNS settings.  You should consider the amount of server place offered per dollar of investment.

Before you employ one web hosting company you should know briefly about the technical details and specifications of your website. Based on your website requirements you need to purchase particular types of web hosting. There are different types of web hosting e.g.   Linux Web Hosting, Windows Web Hosting, Frontpage Web Hosting, ASP Web Hosting, PHP Web Hosting.

You need to carefully check the database support provided by the top best web hosting plans. There are many service providers which merely support 4-5 databases. This limits your data storing facilities. In different web hosting the domain specifications and facilities are restricted too. You need to take a look on these little technical issues before investing.

The new WordPress based development requires the platform support of MySQL 4.0. But most of the cheap web hosting supports only the previous versions of MySQL.  Web designing is a technical process. Expanding the scope of your website can raise different technical issues. Select a web hosting company that provides good technical support.

Web hosting may be free, shared or dedicated. The free web hosting involves low server space. This type of web hosting does not support the interactive websites. In the case of shared web hosting your site will be put on net at a space which is shared by some other sites. In this type the administration for your site should be good. Dedicated web hosting is required for the sites which require larger space for storage, greater database support, and higher technical requirements. This dedicated web hosting packages are significantly costly with respect to shared web hosting.

Consider the above factors while going for the market research. Keeping these parameters in background, choose your service provider.

Mobile Website Design – Some Significant Points to Remember

Mobiles phones have seen many transformations since its introduction in the market. More and more advance technologies and programs have been invented to make the use of mobile phones more exciting. Nowadays people use mobile phone not only for making calls, but also for surfing internet, watching movies and listening music as well. Surfing net on mobile is different from the same on computer. So, mobile web sites need to be different as well. This is the reason why mobile website design requires much care and skill than the regular ones. When designing websites for mobile phones you need keep some points in your mind. Generally, the technology that has been applied for mobile web design is called as responsive website design. Along with good responsive web design, professional Windows based web hosting server Dubai has to be chosen.

First of all you need to understand that a mobile phone is not a computer and it has its own distinctive features. So you need to design websites according to those features.

Secondly, you need to realize that you are designing mobile web site for the users of mobile phones and not for the users of computers. So you need to be careful about their convenience and comfort while planning for the design.

While designing mobile web site, you need to consider the page-size first. Since the size of mobile’s screen is not same like the screen size of a regular computer. So keep this matter in your mind while designing a website for a mobile. Create a site that can fit into the small area of the mobile screen and users can easily view them on their mobile without complications.

After the size of the pages of website, next comes the content of the mobile site. While planning for mobile website design always remember that the users will read the content on their mobile so they should read and view the content clearly when they open the site on a mobile browser. It should suit their eyesight.

Now, come to the loading time of a website on your mobile. Websites with huge data will take much time to be loaded and that may not be good for mobiles. So you should prepare your mobile web site in such a manner that would not take much time to be loaded. It will make the user happy and they would love to visit your site again and again on their mobile.