Ecommerce Web Design Abu Dhabi – Things to Know

If you want an ecommerce website for your business just now and you do not have the time to build it then you can get ecommerce website from some online providers with some fundamental features after getting that you just have to improvise your business model with it. It will take less time than create a whole new ecommerce website.  But the thing is in this way you cannot build a unique website for yours. But in these web stores you will get ecommerce website with all the required functionalities. And with this you can really make a true ecommerce website for your business.

You can get also features like supply chain management and any kind of key business automation features from some of the web stores. If you are ready to build an ecommerce website for your business then you need to remember that you cannot build the fundamental business model for your website with the ecommerce model that you are going to build. Ecommerce can enhance your business, can give you exposure but the fundamentals of the business remain the same. You can make more business with your ecommerce website, you can get global customer and your business will get global exposure with your ecommerce website. But for that you need to build a really good ecommerce website.

Why choosing the proper ecommerce website is so hard?

Today seriously there are so many website designing companies and website designers are there in the recent market that are ready to provide you an ecommerce website. They are ready to provide services today for businessmen to use as resources for their ecommerce web design Dubai requirements. Therefore choosing one from thousands of them would seriously be a difficult task for any person. Every one of the will promise you that with him or her you can accomplish your goal quickly and effectively.

Probably seeing all the options you are feeling that there are more reasonably priced solutions that to provide your ecommerce business the very good and proper online presence. And selling the products and services to your prospective clientele is now so much easy. But at the end you will see that with so many options, you will be getting so much confused and choosing the right kind of ecommerce web site designer can be a devastating and traumatic decision to make sometimes for you in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Website Design UAE – Effective Tips for Web Management

If you are finding a website designer who will going to create a corporate website for your business then you cannot choose any random designer as there are some difference between general websites and corporate website that is why you need to hire an experienced to do the job for you. Scope of your corporate website must be very large than any personal or blogging website. And like any website it does not have any special category of audience as in case of a corporate website you cannot get a fair idea regarding who will going to be the readers of your website.

While designing the website therefore the website designer should take into considerations all these facts. The website designers must remember that this website is not only for a specific kind of people, it must cater to diverse interest groups. In fact the thing is a corporate website not only require to serve their prospective customers a corporate website must server their employees also. Being an owner of a corporate industry you need to make sure that the website designer you are hiring must able to bring ne and potential customers for your business. Bringing new customer is important of course and retaining the old customers is also very important also. To retain customers you need to build a proper relationship with those customers.

How to make your corporate website faster and better?

As there will be huge number of clients and employees for a reputed corporate website you need to make sure that your website is not slow. You need to hire a website designer who has very understanding about the strategies to make your website better and faster. You need to instruct the designer that e should remove all the unnecessary codes from your website and he should not put any not required graphics in it. In that way you can make your corporate website faster and easily accessible by the clients. Along with ethical designing, find professional shared hosting UAE to enhance your website’s online presence.

Proper optimization of each page is also very important. You should make your website complicated. You should configure it simply and as huge number of clients will going to use your website you need to make sure that everyone can understand and access all the functions of your website. As Dubai and Abu Dhabi are one of the most important two business cities, you can see many kinds of corporate websites of in these cities.

Enhance Ecommerce Shopping Experience for Your Website in Abu Dhabi

You need to take your ecommerce business in a whole new level now. Of course you want offer your customers a very good shopping experience from your ecommerce website and for that getting proper software for your website is very important.

Most of the updated ecommerce websites has many applications like it has a very good user interface, it has a database to store very kind of information and also the work flow process of the ecommerce also is being stored in this database, administration settings etc. so that is why you need to spend some extra money to build a proper ecommerce website which can really give your business a boost.

The Basics

First you need to know some basic information about an ecommerce website before you are making your mind to design it for your business. The main some elements of any ecommerce business are:

  • Customers: of course it is the most important tithing for any kind of business. The customer will buy your products and you can get money from them and with this money you can make your business better.
  • Owner of the website: as an owner you need to deal with all the shipping and monitory business with your website. You can also get software for optimizing your website. Owner generally gets paid for the products.
  • The ecommerce applications: to make interaction between clients ad owner there will be many kinds of applications and software in will be there in any modern ecommerce website.
  • The Merchant Bank Account: it is the account in which all the money you are earning or getting profit from the customers.

So these are very few things that you must include in your ecommerce business. You can get many good designers and shared windows server hosting in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can get your website done from them.

Expanding E-Store – Ecommerce Business Growth in UAE

You can expand your online business then you can get shopping cart software from any third party. You can very easily install this shopping cart in your website and you can get this at a reasonable price also. But first you need to choose a right kind of web designing company at first for your business. While you are selecting the web design company for your ecommerce designing then you have to check their portfolio very thoroughly.

  • You have to make sure that the website designing company design website for different companies. You need to make sure that they are experienced in making different types of websites for different companies.
  • Their portfolio should look professional and very impressive too.
  • You should at first talk to the web design company according to your needs on phone. You need to talk that what type ecommerce website you need to build and which type of service you want from your ecommerce business.
  • If you can choose the right kind of ecommerce website designer for your website then he can build you the ecommerce web site you have been waiting for so long for your business.
  • There are many good website designers in the recent market do to get a good one you do not have to spend a lot of money of yours. You should try to find an ecommerce web designer that is affordable for your budget and can provide quality work. Actually of course you have to maintain your budget but you need to get good work also. Quality is the most important thing and you should compromise with it.
  • There are different types of packages will be offered by different kind of website designer companies. For some website designer companies you have to pay them in hour basis and for some you have to pay them as a total package.

It will be good if you can get the best web hosting package Dubai and Abu Dhabi for your website. You need to find the best package for your website which will work best for your ecommerce website. If by any chance you are not getting any suitable package which supports your ecommerce requirements then only you can ask about paying per hour. You should make sure that the website designing companies will also provide you the personalized ecommerce third party shopping cart system.

Guidelines to Make a Promising E-Commerce Web Design

In order to create an arresting and sales oriented e-commerce web design one needs to keep certain basics in mind while doing so. The basics are as follows:

  • Formal look: the client with his first glance should be able to comprehend what service or tool your web site is offering since you will not be physically there. Hence the layout should have a business look very much professional in purpose.

Functional structure, incorporation of white space, neat graphics and layout along with lucid navigation options are a must have attain this look. Animated graphics should be strictly avoided.

Careful planning: planning is vital to every business and e-commerce is not an exception to that. Hence one needs to plan extensively regarding the kind of product, their description, design and display. This will aid people to learn better of your products. Planning process should also include finding good web design and UAE shared web hosting services.

Loading time should be less: people tend to navigate away from those sites which take longer than expected to open. Hence if you do not nurture the intention of losing your potential customers then you should design a site which does not demand much time to load in any leading web browser.

Categorization of the products: the aim of e-commerce designing lies in reaching customers their desired products. Hence one should categorize the products in the most user friendly manner. The types should be clearly mentioned along with the various brands available on offer. The price of a product is very important. It should be mentioned so that a customer can estimate one’s affordability and also compare it if he or she wishes to.

Detailed information should be provided: make sure that your customers can have a detailed look and they should be able to have a feel of the product. In order to do this your website should have the following provisions:


  1. There should be an option through which a particular commodity can be viewed in different sizes.
  2. The commodity should be visible from more than one angle.
  3. Information should be provided regarding the colors, brands, sizes, measurements available and also the various prices of the products should be mentioned.

Shipping cart should be concise: it should always be remembered that the purpose of a shipping cart is to smoothen a buyers buying experience. Therefore:

  1. The form should not be lengthy at all with least possible steps, while placing an order.
  2. Signing up for an account creation should be very much optional
  3. Online Customer care should be available always.
  4. Payment gateways should imperatively be more than one.

Integrate trust: purchasing means sharing valuable information like divulging credit card information. Hence in order to show that you are not a fraudulent company you need to provide information such as your contact number, website or email address, company name and etc.

Hence if one does not want to drop a lucrative sale then a company should design an e-commerce website keeping the above mentioned basics in mind. For seamless ecommerce website design and Dubai web hosting, find a good service provider.

Tips for Social Media Engagement – Syncronize Your Website with Social Media Gadgets

The application of social media is not enough as a business set-up can only reach the pinnacle of success only when the audiences come into direct contact with the business. Thus social media also implies that the audiences must also be engaged by the business elements to a great extent. As a matter of fact, this is the best method to ensure that your clients are in close connection with you. In other words, you business should come into the notice of existing and prospective clients so that new opportunities are created every now and then. In this world of business and tough competition, it is virtually impossible to stay in the crowd unless you are able to adapt yourself with the changing norms.

In case of social media, it is extremely important for you to post your blogs regularly since it will help the audience also to keep in touch with the business updates. In fact, your postings should come earlier than the audience can imagine so that they are enthused to read them. After all, there are similar blogs or postings made by several other companies and it is necessary to ensure that your pose stands out among others. At the same time, the quality of the blogs should be more than your audiences can expect. If you are able to live up to the expectations of the clients, when it comes to social media, it should be done by following the norms of business.

If you go by the saying “Seeing is Believing”, there is a lot that you will be able to do on social media. The content that you post on the internet should be complied with videos or visual images and bold fonts. In addition to this, you can also play with the images or try to create new ones. In short, the basic idea should be to create images in such a manner so that they appeal to the audiences on the internet. As far as Facebook or Twitter is concerned, they have become the face or several companies for updating their images. These networking sites are followed by a majority of people and they are not only meant for personal communication, but the interaction of a company with its audience.

The last but not the least certainly is to maintain simplicity with the audience. In other words, the application of simple ideas is more likely to produce the desired effects than huge and complicated notions that are of little or no use.

Modern website should incorporate social media gadgets in order to become successful. The social media synchronization with a website has been done neatly by the professional web design services. Find professional web design and shared web hosting UAE to launch a website, with social media gadgets implanted.

Business Web Hosting Dubai – Take Your Business to a New High

For running a successful business, online presence is vital these days. In fact, many companies decide to go online to provide direct online buying/hiring experiences. This is not just good for the buyers or service seekers, but at the same time good for the businessmen. If you are thinking of starting a business, then here are the benefits of online presence at a glance:

  • Online business means minimal physical presence and thus a startup business can save a lot from unnecessary office expenses. Running a business virtually is more suitable, when a business is at its startup phase.
  • Online business means minimizing the employee numbers. With a small team of professional employees, you can run business with immense professionalism, without facing hard time in managing inflation due to employee wages.
  • The most important part of online business is that with a little investment, it gives you the opportunity to compete with the giant fishes. Physically, you can never match the marketing expenses of a well-established brand. But, in the virtual world, competition is quite open and you can definitely catch up the big names in your business domain.
  • Online business lets you to penetrate the global market, where a physical office or store only helps you to explore the local market. To improve your presence, you need to expand your business and that is quite costly. However, online world is by default a global marketplace. Thus, you can penetrate more clients or customers.

To start with online business, you need to invest for your online presence, though the investment is minimal comparing to buying or renting an office place. All you need is a good website and a professional Business Package Web Hosting Plan in Dubai.

business web hosting Dubai

Business web hosting packages in Dubai

Hosting a Website in Dubai

For developing your website, you need professional web design Dubai services. Similarly, when you have an excellent website, you need to hire a professional web hosting service.

Canada HiTech offers professional business hosting plans for the clients. Business hosting package is ideal for the startup as well as growing businesses. Scalable US based Windows 2012 R2 servers and supreme 25 GB bandwidth are in offering by the company in exchange of only AED 1800 per year.

Here are the features of business web hosting of Canada HiTech at a glance:

  • 2 GB Disk Space
  • 25 GB bandwidth
  • 99.999% network uptime
  • Windows 2012 servers
  • Seamless performance
  • 100 Email accounts (150 MB for each)
  • SQL server 2008 R2

About Canada HiTech

Canada HiTech is professional IT service provider from Dubai, USA. The company focuses on providing legitimate online business related solutions and consultations. From website design to web hosting – meticulous service packages are there by the company to benefit the clients, as per their requirements. The company is committed to serve professional web design and web hosting Dubai services.

Advanbced Ecommerce Management Tips – A Guide for the Users

Admin dash board is a very important part of an ecommerce website. If you are an administrator then you should have a special page in your website and you can enter user name and password in this web page to log in your website as an administrator of your website. This is known as the Admin Dashboard of the ecommerce website.

You can access everything of your website from this page and you can control everything too being the administrator of your website. You can access all the details of product catalogue of your website including the shipping cost of each product, you can update regular currency exchange rates too, you can handle all the tasks of payment gateways and you can get all the detail sales report in this web page. Actually all these handling of tasks can be managed by an ecommerce solution. You need to get a perfect ecommerce solution for your website from any ecommerce solution provider.

According which type of ecommerce solution you chose from them you can different kinds of facilities in your website.  But whatever ecommerce solution you will choose you will get some or the entire product catalogue. It will make sure also that you can provide your customers their needs. It will make sure that customers can purchase things from your website without any problem and you can be paid from them very easily and securely too through a payment gateway.

The Ecommerce Shop Design

Of course design of any website is really necessary. In that way your ecommerce website too will require a proper look and feel too to fit in to this whole online business and to match with your brand values. It is like any CMS business. This will need a proper website designer who can develop the perfect theme of your ecommerce website which can alter your ecommerce website from a shop-front into the proper design you have in your dream for long for your customers.

Theme can be got from any kinds of ecommerce solution like from WordPress e-Commerce, SaraCMS Pro ecommerce support and Magento. If you can get one of these ecommerce solutions for your business then you can apply all the themes and special features in your website by yourself. Though, you may favor to have a design accurately the way you liked it and dissimilar from any of your competitor in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

How Domain Name and Hosting Platform Matters for Ecommerce Website?

Administration Dashboard is indeed very important and you can do a lot of thing with this but there is some restriction also. You can apply themes in your ecommerce website through the Administration Dashboard. In fact you can able to change some aspects of themes too like the logo of your business, you can change the background effect of the website, you can change the text color, but you cannot move some parts of the theme to some different areas of the screen. For that you are going to need a proper website designer for your website. He can do that by updating some codes to change for the theme.

Domain Name and Web Hosting

Domain name and website hosting services are mandatory for each website. To trade within a unique name you must need a domain name for your website and to store all the files to a database. And web hosting is important in so many ways. You cannot even see your ecommerce website online without any web hosting. It is a way that makes your website alive in the World Wide Web.

If you can choose a webhost for your website which will provide you proper uptime for your website and all the needs then your website’s future will be great. But you need to purchase a hosting plan for your website after discussing about it with an experienced website designer as there are many kinds of hosting plans. You need to choose the best plan for your website therefore. He will know your website better and as he is experienced in this field he can give you some proper suggestion to get the best solution to implement in your website.

You can get many webhosting plans that will offer a unique domain name for your website with their web hosting package. You will not to get the support for databases or database applications as for that they can charge you some more money. You can do this by yourself if you are having a proper ecommerce solution in your ecommerce website. So, you must try to stay away from buying a hosting plan until and unless you talk to your ecommerce website designer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you are in this business for long time then you can take decision by yourself you’ll need to implement your ideas very smartly and cautiously.

How to get cheap and quality website designer in UAE?

Your website makes a very important contribution in building a proper brand value for your business towards the outside world. If you can build a website with properly design then definitely it can make some wonders for you and it can attract new visitors towards your business. But is it easy gets such an excellent website so easily and within your budget too? You can actually outsource your ecommerce website design service.

As internet is a worldwide business if you are a citizen of Dubai or Abu Dhabi you can take your website design project from India too. In countries like of course website design cost will be so much cheaper than those cities of UAE. If you are thinking that you cannot build a good website without spending a lot of money then you are wrong. Spending lots of money will not always success in every case. You can get many cheap designing companies which can make you some really good website for your business at cheaper rate if you ready to outsource this task for your business.

How to get cheap and quality website designer?

You can get many proficient website designers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi also. As these are two most important business cities in UAE you can get website designer or every kind of business irrespective of your budget and size of your business. If you want the right quality of work without making a hole in your project then outsourcing to such countries where you can find cheap website designing company will be the best way for you. First you need to know your designing needs very properly. Then you can make the website designer understand about your project.

After knowing the basic needs of your business then you can decide the right kind of website Design Company. If you desire to get a fully customized website design for your business and within your budget then you have to search hard online. You need to make sure also that you are getting their work in time. To get complete idea of any website designer you must look in to their portfolio very minutely. You can get a clear idea about their work and what is the outcome you are going to get at the end of the project from the website designer. Every good and professional website designer will has his or her portfolio so you must take a look at that before deciding anything.