Kicking off E-Business in Abu Dhabi, UAE – Tips for Startup Businesses

If you are ready to set an internet based business then you have to make a website for that to connect with your customers and for this you must use a best website hosting service. You must keep in mind that if your website cannot make your customer happy then you cannot do business. The last thing you expect from your website is a slow website or even worse if you face that your website remains down most of the time.

If you want to get good search engine ranking then you have to keep in mind these factors. While raking your website every search engine is taking these factors into account. And these factors are dependent on your choice of website hosting provider so you need to choose the web host provider for your website very carefully.
May be you are thinking that you can which website hosting would be better for you by checking the reviews at various review site in the internet. But practically this is not so simple. There are thousands of web hosting providers available and to review then the number of review sites are available is huge also so checking reviews even this will be difficult for anyone to decide which web site hosting to choose.

You will get different types of reviews about a same website in different review website. So it will make you more confused even. And the thing is most of the reviews in these review website are biased to any certain website host so you cannot understand which one will be the best for you so easily. So a direct comparison of reviews would be really difficult as every review tend to highlight some particular services of certain web host.
So what should you do to get the proper website host for your website? First you should not concentrate in their budget of packages. Concentrate on quality at first. Of course an absolutely free or very cheap cost service cannot be appropriate for any business. And this kind of charge difference between the finest web hosting providers is not enough to be more important than the other features too.

It will be good in Dubai and Abu Dhabi if you can get a Windows 2012 web hosting Dubai company that will charge you monthly instead of yearly though you will see that yearly packages are cheaper than the monthly one.

Dubai Based Web Hosting Company – Enhance Your Online Business Profits

The first requirement is getting uptime minimum of 99.99%. This is really important as if your website remains down for hours then this will be really harmful for your reputation. People will hate your website. So uptime is one of the most important factors you need to consider while you are choosing any web host provider for your website. After uptime then you need to consider good help and support service from the web host.

For minor issues or issues like you do not need to solve instantly email service will be okay but for serious issues this will be not enough. In the time of crisis like when you need to solve the problem right now then you must need telephone support. And as your website will be available for people for 24/7 you can have problem at any time so you need to make sure that you are getting telephone service for 24/7 also. If you want to check their support service then you must need to check what their existing users are saying.

At the same time you need to check too that how they are supporting their users. Are they can able to provide any kind of service or not. Are their support teams efficient and knowledgeable to solve any kind of problem? And the only way to umpire the standard of service is to see what their present users are saying also.

Clearly there are other factors to consider too. Bandwidth is also very important. If you are having a lot of customer then you must need a lot of bandwidth. Initially bandwidth provided by any shared web hosting service will be enough for your website. Disk space is the other thing. It is the space where you can save all the information about your products and your customers.

Of course with time when your website will grow and number of customers for your website will increase then you will need more disk space for your website. You need to get domain for your own also. Having a unique domain name is very important. And in that way having a good number of Databases is also very important.

You will be getting a control panel too to manage all the necessary tasks of your website. Along with website hosting, you will also get Abu Dhabi email hosting services from the professional companies. These services are worthy indeed for professional emailing or email handling.

Professional Email Hosting – Learn the Drawbacks of Free Email Services

With the advent of salient modernized technologies, business management as well as planning process has become quite simplified. With the help of desktop, laptop and even Smartphone devices, people can connect any point of the globe quite seamlessly. This is indeed the era of globalization, where business transitions from overseas can be done without any sorts of hassles.

For running a business, small business owners definitely rely a lot over the email. It is a necessary tool for getting in touch with the clients for salient business needs. Now, when we hear about email, generally we ponder upon Gmail, YahooMail, Hotmail, etc. These are popular emailing services that are available in the world of internet and the best thing about them is that they are completely free. These free email servers are definitely good for the purposes even for the business purposes as well, but to some extent. At some stage, you need professional services rather than relying hugely upon the free services.

According to survey, a major of portion of the internet users of UAE opts for Gmail to have a personalized emailing account. Moreover, it has been also found that a lot of business persons use this free email platform. However, business persons must understand the drawbacks of these free email servers. Once you understand the drawbacks, only then you will feel the essence of hiring a top email hosting provider Dubai. So, here are the drawbacks:

  • Lack of Security – Go ‘googling’ to find the latest media reports which reveal that Gmail or other popular email services are 95% vulnerable to be hacked. Security is always a concern with thee free email accounts and that is why people opt for professional email accounts, which commit complete protection for your business data. Of course, being a business owner, you know that how much precious your business information is. If data goes to the wrong hands, you may even face unrecoverable business losses.
  • Lack of Professionalism – For business reasons, you must have to deal with several overseas clients and it always looks quite professional to use personalized email accounts rather than free email accounts.
  • Save Your Account from Internet Evils – Free email servers are vulnerable to the threat of hacking, phishing, etc. Opt for the secured professional email hosting services to stay covered from these dangers.
  • Enjoy More Personalization – Professional email hosting services offer seamless email handling features to the clients. Manage your email data more clinically or methodically with their services.
  • No Interruptions – With professional email hosting services you would hardly have to undergo any sorts of interruptions due to server lag.

Opting for business email hosting accounts is a matter of expense, but if you consider the benefits then this small expense definitely seems viable. For extra protection for you business data and to opt for seamless professional services, you have to pay some money, which is quite obvious. Nothing actually comes for free in this world! If you have a serious intent to venture with a professional business setup, then go for the professional investments for long term benefits or for boarder benefits.

Effective Business Potential Web Development Based on ASP.Net

If you are keen to introduce your business in the online world, web development is perhaps one of the best ways to initiate this process. If you consider the series of tasks that are to be performed before a business is able to acquire an identity in the online world, it might seem amazing and considering the various combinations that are available nowadays, creating a definite and appropriate website is certainly a challenging task. Therefore, it is clear that making a choice from these combinations is perhaps the major hurdle for taking the remaining task forward in the best possible manner. However, with the advent of ASP.Net, web development has reached a new hiatus.

ASP.Net: Things to Know

ASP.Net is extremely useful for the development of vibrant web pages and the development of a website seems extremely easy and convenient for the developers. After coming into being, ASP.Net has been transformed with newer and higher versions. On the other hand, the technology can be comfortable used for simple and complex web development purposes. As a matter of fact, those who are acclimatized with the apps of Microsoft can easily use ASP.Net for saving costs or make the process of web development much more convenient without spending loads of money. Due to its compatibility with the products of Microsoft, this technology has gained greater momentum with web developers as well as the companies, which are desperately trying to seek an online presence.

The reasons for the popularity of ASP.Net

The hassles of using large codes that used to bother web developers until now have disappeared and web developers have finally breathed a sigh of relief. After all, they are constantly working in order to satisfy their clients and this web app tool has been able to provide revolutionary benefits to a varied range of clients and satisfied their requirements. Web development is one of the most important aspects of any business during the present times as a website offers more exposure to a business than any other option.

Thus, ASP.Net is undoubtedly one of the most facilitating tools for web development, which has gained tremendous popularity due to the advantages that it provides. The concept of mobile website has been facilitated by this tool and it is easy for people to acquire any information within minutes or logging on to the desktop. When it comes to mobile websites, the requirements are different as thy must be small yet satisfy the very purpose for which they are created. On the whole, whether it is a mobile website or any other work of web development, ASP.Net is the most handy tool.