Different Kinds of UAE Based Web Hosting Services

You should not think of taking free web hosting service as free web hosting cannot be good for your website. For any standard web hosting service you need to pay something. And as there are many web hosing companies the price of web hosting becomes so much minimum now that you can easily web hosting service at affordable rate and these affordable web hosts are far better that the free web hosting providers.

There are many web hosts which can provide you the standard level of service required for your website and you can get a list of these companies by searching in any popular search engine. Though, this decision making can still be very much confusing for anyone as there is no consistency in reviews or any website from where from where you can decide which providers can be considered as the best. Reviews generally can emphasize some sure features of each of the web host’s package and this will make a detailed comparison ultimately difficult for any webmaster.

So before taking service from any potential hosting providers you need to make sure to check that you will getting all the features from that particular web host what you want from your website:

Microsoft Server Based Hosting

This is the most popular kind of web hosting and most of the website developers advise the webmaster to take this web hosting service for their website. In case if your website requires a Microsoft based environment then you have to get a Microsoft hosting for your website. But it is the most excellent to go for a Linux type of package. You can start your website with a shared web hosting serve. And then with your website’s requirements you can go up to having your own dedicated server.

It is much more higher level of service than shared web hosting and as you are paying more in this case you will get the whole server for you, you do not need to share it with someone else and you need not to face any competition in this case. You can get full resources of the server for your website only. If you are just starting your business with an online website then the basic kind of shared package will be just fine for your website. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi you can get both share and dedicated web hosting service for your website.

Starting up an Online Business – Choose an Effective Web Hosting Service

Some web host will promise you that if you take their service then they will provide you unlimited resources but you should not take their words seriously. Actually here the unlimited is a marketing term you should not take it technically. You have to understand and accept that no matter how hood and well known the web host is   the unlimited website hosting packages will still have some limitations. There are rules that a shared web hosting according to their resources how many website they can take to provide web hosting but unfortunately very few web hosts obey the rule.

To gain profit they overload their server with number of web hosts. So you need to make sure that if you are taking service from any shared web hosting provider then they are taking fair share of the resources. You should know that how the shared web host companies are working with more than website. You may wonder that how they are offering such wise amount of bandwidth and all the resources for $5 per month.

Basic service of shared web hosting

The basic service of any shared web hosting is simple. In the case of shred web hosting service many websites are hosted on one single server using the one whole disk space, bandwidth and IP address. So from the point of the web hosting company the more users on one server they can get, they will have the higher the productivity. So some unpopular web host put more users on one server than the server can handle and therefore being one of their clients you cannot get enough of resources for your website that is why it is for all time best to go for a well known and of good reputation company.

Shared web host are good for small or starter websites or for personal users but it is not appropriate for very busy websites. Therefore it will be sensible for the hosting company to make sure that one user will not unfavorably affecting others in their shared web hosting service. You need to choose a web host which will have some business model and work ethics and which will make sure that all users get good service and optimistically will be checking action to make sure the physical limitations are not violated. It will be not impossible to get such web host in Dubai and Abu Dhabi if you search for long.

Payment Gateway Integration – An Essential Service for Ecommerce Businesses

Payment gateway is very important to ensure the data security in your website. If you are having payment gateway then you should not store the customer’s personal and any secure information in your website. You should always store that information in the payment gateway of your website as it much more secure than your website. Of course some other important information of the customer other tan their bank details you can store at your website like the name of the customer, his email detail, home or office address, his likings and disliking about your service etc. these information are very important too so you need to make certain that your website can keep them safe and secure. To make secure and safe website you need to tae some reliable ecommerce application for your website. There is a part in the ecommerce application named The Administration Dashboard will have a section which control the part that what should be displayed for all customers among these collected data.

Why you need strict security in your ecommerce website?

But there are lots more security issues in an ecommerce website that you need to deal everyday if you want to make a good and reliable ecommerce website for your business. You should know the details payment process of your ecommerce website. You should know what exactly happens when customer fill out the form of payment in your website and then click the submit button. You need to know why SSL type of security is so important for your website.

Your website contents all the data in plaintext form that the data are in code forms and these codes are written in English. So any technically proficient people can break the code and see the data of your website. And the thing is when you are providing your bank details to any website this is not a one to one data transfer.

You are sending the information through the internet so the data is being sent through several different channels and thousands of routing computers. And it travels many other network devices too before it is coming to you or the website you are sending the data for. So it means at any point it can be hacked but any efficient hacker and the he or she will know all the bank details of yours. To make sure that this kid of interception is not happened you need to get SSL security in your website of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Choosing Web Hosting Dubai – Essential Tips for the Website Owners

Actually if you are having in your mind that you need certain features and service from a web host then it will see that the service you are getting in which web host the cost different among their packages is very small that is while choosing a web host you need put the cost criteria at the end of your list as there are many cheap web host and you will see that if you set your mind that you want to choose some medium web host then you will almost all the medium category web host demand almost same amount of money.

Therefore you need to be more aware of other factors than the cost when selecting your best website host. You will see that at first or at the time of advertising many web host will promise you that they will charge you for monthly basis but at the time of taking their service for payment a number of months in advance and very few of them actually let the clients pay actually monthly fees. So you need to clear out all these factors before finalizing the deal with the web host. It will be good if you can actually get a web host which will let you pay monthly fees in advance for many months as one month later if you are not getting satisfaction with their service then you can switch to new web host in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

While you are choosing the web host for your website you will see that most of cheaper web host are imposing different kinds of limitation and terms and conditions on features like No of Databases you can use, Number of Domains you can have, Disk Space, Bandwidth etc. on the other side you will see that some of the website hosting companies are also offering you unlimited website hosting and you will see sometime that they are not asking for huge monthly fees also. So some inexperienced web masters will think that it is a great opportunity for them to take service from this kind of web host but thus is not true actually. You need to think that if really “unlimited” hosting can exist.

If you think logically then you will understand that it is not possible for any web host to provide unlimited resources to any website no matter how huge it is and how popular the web host is as there will always be some limits.

The pros and cons of Static and Dynamic website

When it comes to a static website, they are components of the internet that are devoid of any changes. In other words, the information conveyed by a static website is delivered through HTML code. However, the information of the website can only be altered once in the source page by mentioning the change. While looking for any information from a static website, the server sends the message across to the browser for displaying information, which is encrypted in HTML code. For business entities, it is necessary to acquire information regarding the pros and cons of static and dynamic website at first before proceeding with any of these options. Along with that, it is also important to find legitimate Web Hosting Plans in UAE for hosting the website – no matter static website or dynamic website.

Static Website: The Advantages

As far as a static website is concerned, it is a preferable option for small scale businesses that require concise and small web pages. Moreover, the flexibility, which is offered by such websites, is tremendously high as you can choose any kind of layout template according to your choice. These websites are extremely useful for small and mid-level organizations that are not compliant with special management systems. Additionally, there are no changes required when it comes to web hosting. While the advantages of a static website are suitable in different contexts, it is necessary to take the disadvantages into account for considering the option of static website.

The Disadvantages of Static Website

A static website is seldom updated by the client and in majority of cases the changes are carried out by the web designer. In the context of long term maintenance, a static website is certainly not the best option as the changes in every page are to be inserted individually. In short, the business owners might find it extremely difficult to maintain this website in the absence of a qualified web designer. On the other hand, the interface of a dynamic website is entirely different as it cannot be changed or information cannot be taken out of it in lieu of any demand.

The pros and cons of a Dynamic Website

The advantage of using a dynamic website is that it can be created many times and developed according to the requirements. Moreover, the content of this website can be edited with the help of certain tools. At the same time, the disadvantages of this website should not be overlooked, as well. A dynamic website is not a suitable option for small and mid-level organizations. The first stage of development in dynamic website might appear difficult and the expenses of trainings that are to be conducted for this purpose are also expensive.

Guide to Web Design for the Startup Comapnies

Web Design is one of the most important facets of modern day business entities particularly due to the emergence of the internet. In short, every business organization needs to have an online presence even before the physical presence comes into being properly. When a business needs to reach different corners of the globe, there is no alternative to the internet. However, while presenting a business to the customers on the internet, it is necessary to keep in mind the competition that a business has to come across; therefore, the focus should be greater on sharpening the basics of designing before a well constructed web design is reflected for any business. This article emphasizes on some of the most important tips of designing a flawless website.

Navigation of the Website and strategies of web designing

The website that you have designed should be able to convey the image that you desire, which is easy to control with the tools of web design. Moreover, the logo of the company should be ideally portrayed in the top portion towards the left along with the message for greater visibility. Besides this, a good web designer must ensure that the strategies of a contemporary design are able to pull the audiences and their eyes should hover around the website and the screen. For instance, a site map is extremely useful for providing guidance to the users and each section should be mentioned on the website with maximum clarity. It is recommended to use a single menu for navigation or sub-navigation to avoid a clumsy look and avoid drop down menus completely.

Operational part of the website

The website that has been designed for a company should appear effortless to the users as the visitors on the internet are unlikely to spend a long hours on any website. The buttons of navigation and links should allow the user to move around the pages particularly if they are able to locate some information, which is of their interest. However, while trying to create innovation and convenience for users, the functional features of designing must never be overlooked as it leads to confusion. For instance, a website should have a regular and steady design. Overall, a website should stick to a simple design and it should be easy to operate.

A final tip

In order to stay away from the troubles that arise due to old PC or a slow broadband collection, the bruises should certainly not be borne by the customers since it will lead to great losses ; rather the HTML code degradation should be slow. The content of the website must be written with the audience in mind that you intend to reach. Lastly, the website design should conform to the guidelines of Web Accessibility Initiative that are appropriate for all categories of users. And, of course, to host your website choose trusted UAE web hosting services.