UAE to start a big leap in satellite technology

The UAE is determined to diversify its economy to an optimal level. The recent economic boom in UAE has ignited the rays of hopes for the country. Though, the technology industry is making swift progress, reinforcements are required to provide a profound base to the present economic foundation.

An important step in this direction was achieved when His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minster of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced that the UAE will build its first locally-made satellite at the Emirates Institute for Advanced Science and Technology (Eiast).

This step can be marked as a significant development in the communication sector of the country. In past, UAE indulged in satellite building program with a Korean company, namely Satrec to develop DubaiSat1 and DubaiSat2. The new KhalifaSat will be produced by the local manufacturers from UAE. The intent is making the country self-sufficient in its communication sector and to make the communication within the nation robust. KhalifaSat has been anticipated to be launched by the year of 2017.

Shaikh Mohammad pointed out that this shows how Arabs are moving into the space era, which is neither out of reach nor impossible to achieve. He welcomed sharing the UAE initiative with all Arab countries with interest in space technology and engineering.

Satellite technology as well as the aerospace industry are the sectors which need more investments and the administrators are keen to back such sectors with long term development investments.

Remarkable achievement by UAE in 2013

Without having any doubts, it can be stated that UAE has done well in its technology sector in the year of 2013. In fact, experts have claimed that this year is a milestone for the UAE in its communication technology sector.

The country has recorded the highest increase in ranking among 157 economies worldwide, shooting up 12 places to 33rd in the ICT Development Index 2012. The MIS 2013 shows that the UAE is well above the global average in terms of mobile-cellular subscriptions, the proportion of individuals using the internet, and the proportion of households with internet access.

The overall development in UAE in terms of technology is a good sign of future progress of the country in its communication field. As the communication technologies are getting seamless, new business avenues are opening up. One of the best business fields in UAE right now is online trading. With plenty of service seekers and with plenty of service providers, the market has become quite enriched.

For this reason, UAE has become a hub for different online services for the people throughout the world. Seamless services and lower cost assurance are the biggest positive factors that have been influencing the UAE tech and service sector in recent time. The saga of success will continue in the year of 2014 also, as predicted by the market observers and experts.

Tablets to take center stage in UAE in the year of 2014

Rapid shifts to mobility, especially to the tablets, are a prominent trend of UAE tech market in the year of 2013. Consumers are adopting the tablets with a faster pace as these portable computers have become a stage for unlimited online interactivities.

In this segment, the local brands from UAE, like Touchmate, Eurostar and Eklasse, have done terrific business, clinching the trust and appreciations of the buyers with their seamless products.

It has to be noted that tablets with smaller screen size has observed growing demand in comparison to the tablets with bigger screen sizes. Low cost tablets, outfitted with the Android OS, have seen most of the appreciations.

On the other hand, smartphone sales have also witnessed high market demand in UAE. Devices from Samsung clinched the most number of the buyers, while both HTC and Sony have done well to grab a lot of buyers for their latest smartphone items.

Although, Blackberry has not done quite well in rest of the world, scenario is different UAE as Blackberry has done well in comparison to its business situation in other parts of the world. This year Blackberry has come up with a few new launches and all of them have been appreciated by the buyers of Middle East, especially UAE.

On the other hand, the leading gadget vendor, Apple has also reportedly done well in UAE. However, due to the high prices, Apple has been observed to be confined with the limited number of elite buyers.

As per the predictions of the experts, UAE has done well in terms of mobile gadget business in the year of 2013. The region will also do well in future, including the tablet sales have high potential.

Ecommerce Improvements in UAE – The Future Prospects

The present ecommerce market is getting more ’m-commerce’ oriented. M-Commerce means nothing but mobile device operated ecommerce. This is the era of smartphone and tablets and people are getting friendlier with such devices. For seamless ecommerce support, not only creating good website has been the necessity but also creating a mobile phone browser compatible web interface is important.

In the year of 2013, amidst several economic or financial struggles throughout the world, the ecommerce market has been able to show some amount of steady growth. Previously ecommerce market was mainly based on the US-market, but now things are rolling faster. Ecommerce has become a prominent field for investing throughout the world. Especially in Asia as well as in Middle East, ecommerce has high potential due to the high population in such areas.

UAE ecommerce market has shown steady leap in the year of 2013, whereas there are some drawbacks that are needed to be overcome at fast paced. The present drawback is unrest in a few areas like Syria, Egypt, etc. due to the political turmoil. However, the best part is that cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are continuing to hold their ace positions in the world for being tech-cities. Potential ecommerce sellers and buyers – both are available at a high quantity in UAE as well as in Middle East. This gives the new hope for the year of 2014, when things are anticipated to get better.

UAE Website Hosting Company – The Essentials to Know before Finalizing Deals

You need to make sure all the features like bandwidth, servers, storage space you are getting properly. You need to make sure that the programming languages they are providing for your websites is proper for your website and you are getting good designed and unique templates, and you need make sure that the templates you are getting those designs are matching your website’s personality and aim properly. These all can make a web host the best in their field. There are many web hosts so completion is huge.

So in that way doing some research and reading a lot of review from different website you can decide for the best web host. And after selecting best web site hosting company for your website you can make your website to blast your entry in to the World Wide Web business. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi this is the business cities. So here you can get a lot of ecommerce websites and web hosting companies. Here you can get many potential customers also. But the thing is as you will be getting many web hosts here choosing a good website host can be a tricky task.

Dubai Clinches Expo 2020 – An Upsurge in Technology Expected

Dubai is often considered as the tech city and gradually it is becoming one of the noted cities of the world. Recent technology boom has provided steady economic leap to this city and it is getting more and more popularized as well as modernized.

A winning of Expo 2020 will clearly drive this city’s progress to a new level. It will not only benefit the city but experts are hopeful that the developments will also bring the rain shower of technological growth in the whole Middle East.

Joe Tucci, the chairman, president and chief executive of EMC. Security and interactive technology, “You’re going to have a lot more people here,” he told Gulf News. “As part of an expo, that’s what you want. That’s why you’re doing it so … you’ll need more services and they have the opportunity to understand more about what those people want while they’re here — and interact with them. People want an interactive experience no matter where they go now.”

Future Possibilities in Tech World

The service sector will see robust growth after 2020 Expo in Dubai. The growth in service sector means, web design UAE or web hosting Middle East, etc. sectors will get more powerful. Apart from this electronics market in Dubai is quite famous for having loads of customers or potential buyers.

How Better Web Designing Can Boost Your Business in UAE?

There are certain elements the website designer should keep in mind when designing a website. These elements can make your website creative. In the final layout specifically these elements will help you a lot. But you need to keep in mind that too many elements in a single page and too many uses of different colors can make your web page cluttered and it will be really difficult for your customers to find anything in your website. Thus less number of customers will visit your website and you will lose your potential customers too. So before processing to design of a single page you need to make sure that what elements you need to use and when. Identifying the elements that should be a part of the website design is very much important.

You do not need to think that if you can make a very complex design with a lot of codes then it will be a good design. You need to remember that most of users you are having are not very tech savvy so you should create website for that will be navigable for every people. You need to make sure that people can understand the basic aim of your business by looking at a glance at your website. So you need to make sure that you can get that so can the user of Dubai and Abu Dhabi can find what they are looking for at a single glance and very easily.

Professional Email Hosting – Is It worth Paying?

When it comes to email, people go for some popular options and it is noteworthy that almost all of those email services are free. Whether you talk about Gmail or Yahoo Mail – everything come with no cost burden for the users. So, why paying for emails when you have free option in your hand? This is the most frequently asked question by the online businesses or entrepreneurs. So, here we will find whether we should opt for professional email or not – have a glimpse on the following points:

Enhanced Security

For professional uses, free email servers or providers do not cater high end security. This can be achieved through personalized email servers. Also, spam or junk mails will be filtered more efficiently in case of the premium email servers.

Seamless Backup

Customized email hosting also caters seamless backup options. You can increase or decrease your disk space according to your budget as well as requirements.

No Advertisements

Opting for email hosting service is certainly a relief from advertisements. There will be no advertisements to distract you from your important emails.

UAE as well as Middle East is experiencing recent technological boom these days. Especially the online business sector is becoming wide open for the new investors. At this scenario, email hosting services will add more professionalism as well as will provide you a seamless business management opportunity. For small and medium businesses, email hosting server is a great way of managing business data, safeguarding them from possible thefts or hacks.

Simplifying Web Design – 3 Essential Tips for the Users

Web design has become an essential part of the service industry as more and more companies are venturing online to try out their luck online. Online world is certainly beneficial as it provides the chance of winning loads of loyal customers from different parts of the world. The biggest plus point is that online selling or buying does not require heavy investments – just a website and associated web hosting services will serve your purpose.

However, it is utterly important to develop a unique website, having loads of features to offer to the targeted buyers or clients. Today’s website design has become simplified yet elegant. Actually today’s web design is all about featuring important information to the readers. This is why a simple yet quite eye-catching website is in demand and to fulfill the demand, you need to find a good website design service provider.

Here are some tips for seamless web design:

  1. Add more contents – The design of the website should be done in such a style so that it can feature the contents. The design is important but it should not overshadow the contents.
  2. Web Design compatible for mobile devices – This is the era of smartphone and tablet computer. Thus, web design should be compatible with such smart devices.
  3. Last but not the least, Follow the 80-20 rule. What is 80-20 rule? Well, 80-20 represents the rule for contemporary website design. 80 percent of your website should feature usefulness and remaining 20 percent will flaunt the vivid design.

Tablets and Smartphone are giving swift ecommerce growth in UAE

Worldwide tech market has been undergone a new boom after the introduction of Smartphone and tablet computers. Dubai tech market is always considered as one of the leading tech markets of the world, having plenty of potentials. Thus, no wonder smartphone markers are eyeing to capture the Middle East market more and more by tenting their base point in the tech cities, like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.

Along with the tech market boom, another industry has been caught everyone’s attention in these days and that is the ecommerce market. After the introduction of smartphone devices and tablets, ecommerce activities have gained significantly. It is has been proven through many surveys that ecommerce development in recent few years in UAE is terrific.

Observing this swift growth in the ecommerce sector, small-medium businesses as well as ‘giant fishes’ or big brands are now emerging in the Dubai ecommerce market.

According to a recent survey, carried out by eMarketers, this year 15 percent of the online sales have been taken place through mobile devices. For the year of 2012, it was around 11 percent for UAE and for the forth coming years, predictions are really encouraging for those, who are willing to invest in Middle East ecommerce sector.

Easy accessing to the internet is the key here and smartphone along with tablets have truly made this easy. As one can browse or surf internet comprehensively through such devices, online selling or purchasing is becoming a common practice!